3 Streetwear Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick Swatch and Review // Pink Passion 11, Pink Pirouette 19, Pink Persuasion 25

Jul 30, 2014

When you see budget lipsticks in India, here are the thoughts what that comes to mind –
  • only brown, burgundy and maroon shades 
  • frost finish with chunky glitters
  • bad plastic smell.
Interestingly, new lipsticks from Streetwear by Revlon broke all the notions.

The new lip color range by Streetwear not only have an interesting packaging but also available in good vibrant young color range, frost free and does not have any bad smell.

Texture – Streetwear Ultra Moist lipsticks are easy to glide.

Finish – Moist matte.

Formula – The full color comes in 2-3 swipes. Can be worn as lip tint in one swipe.

Feel - Even with 2-3 swipes, these are quite light and do not feel heavy. They do not even settle on lines.

Stay – Around 3 hours. Fades evenly.

Smell – Have a very light smell which can be easily ignored.

Packaging - Just like their nail polish, these lipsticks are available in range with 4 different girls toons. I have purchased 3 from different ones.

I do have a tiny complain that the bullet does not get inside the body completely so, I fear that I might break the head. In fact, I have already damaged the tip of Pink Pirouette a little bit.

Color Range - I really liked the color range...specially for something coming from a budget range. The colors BTW have funny names. For example, all the three shades I own are named with PINK but only one is Pink!
  • Shades of Susie -1 Fire Your Ex, 2 Very Vampire, 3 Reviting Rouge, 5 Foxy Fantasy
  • Shades of Aisha - 6 Puzzle Me Pink, 7 Mystic Mauve, 8 Berrylicious, 9 Ruby Riddle, 11 Pink Passion, 12 PS I am Sexy
  • Shades of Shanaya - 14 Chic Cappucino, 15 Iconic, 16 Hot Ginger, 17 Pink Champagne, 18 Runway Russet, 19 Pink Pirouette, 20 Rhythmic Bronze, 21 Crisp Caramel.
  • Shades of Simeran - 25 Pink Persuasion, 26 Berry Dreamy, 27 Spell Bound, 28 XoXo, 29 Persion Blush, 30 Please Me Pink
Price - Rs 180

Swatch - 

Streetwear Pink Passion 11 Ultra Moist Lipstick Swatch Review

Streetwear Pink Passion 11 Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick

Blue based fushia. The most opaque of the 3 shades. An almost dupe of MAC Flat Out Fabulous. Check comparative swatch here.

Streetwear Pink Pirouette 19 Ultra Moist Lipstick Swatch Review

Streetwear Pink Pirouette 19 Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick

How can anyone name it PINK? There is not a touch of pink here! This is good option if you are looking for a budget orange lipstick.

Streetwear Pink Persuasion 25 Ultra Moist Lipstick Swatch Review

Streetwear Pink Persuasion 25 Color Rich Ultra Moist Lipstick

Vibrant peachy coral. Surely a big surprise from a budget brand. You generally expect such colors from mid-range or high range lipsticks.

Get up. 
Get dressed. 
Visit your nearest store. 
Buy at least one for yourself. 
Or buy online. 
Trust me - you won't repent! 

If you do not like the 3 shades I own then don't worry as there are 30 shades to choose from. I am sure there is a color meant for you. 

In today's world where every drugstore brand is charging as much as high end ones, these are at just Rs 180. You are definitely getting your money's worth here.


PS: Streetwear is from the house of Revlon so, as expected, another makeup giant of Indian market,  Maybelline recently launched the budget lipstick range from Color Show. I think they are priced at Rs 250 299 (Thanks to Aarthi and Apoorva for the update). I am yet to spot them at stores. Maybelline is busy promoting color show glitter nail paints these days. 

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