11 Quick Reviews of June and July Empties '14

Jul 31, 2014

I was quite late on doing the June empties post so, I decided club the empties of June and July together.

 I finished quite a few products in these two months *pats on my back*

Pond’s White Beauty BB Cream [Rs 299 for 50ml] - Sasta. Sundar. Tikau. (Cheap. Beautiful. Long Lasting). This is the first time that I ever finished any BB cream because I was always reaching out for this. I love the glow that this brings on my face. Plus, it has sun protection with SPF 30 and PA++. I have recommended this BB cream every one who have asked for a BB/CC cream recommendation [No have ever had any complains with this] I am not going to repurchase just because I have many other BB creams to finish. Sighh

Vichy Capital Soleil Mattifying Face Fluid Dry Touch with SPF 50 [Rs 1090 for 50ml] – I paid Rs 890 but they hiked the priced recently. I used it during winters actually and was left with 2-3 usage to try during summer. The sunscreen is white in color and very prone to leave behind white cast – not at all suitable for dusky beauties. Plus, I found it quite oily. I was comfortable using it in dry winters but not in humid summer. Also, it dries too quickly before giving you chance to spread it on your arms and face. I will not recommend anyone spending this much for a sunscreen - Unless you have very very sensitive dry skin and every sunscreen is breaking out on you and you need to try a new sunscreen and you have loads of money with no idea where to spend. LOL.

Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion for Sensitive Skin [Rs 159 for 125ml] – Part of my skincare routine and you can read the review here. I will repurchase it in sometime as presently I am not having any redness or irritation issues. Also, Sudocrem is doing a wonderful job in diminishing new pimples.

Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil [Rs 495 for 200ml] – I use coconut oil for removing makeup, body polish and hair masks. So, I need good quality ones to get the complete benefit of coconut oil. No doubt this is costly but it is pure and organic. You are truly getting what you are paying here. You can read why I choose this here.

Unless, you have access to edible grade/good quality coconut oil then, please buy this.

I have discovered the brand ‘Down To Earth’ for organic coconut oil. Down to Earth is priced at Rs 299 for 500ml and easily available at Spencer’s. Before your jaw drops realizing the price difference, let me tell you that Down to Earth coconut oil is neither extra virgin nor cold-pressed like Kama Ayurveda.

The products from Kama Ayurveda are priced at what they are actually worth of. I purchased this from their online store but the experience was not good so, I will buy few things from them when I see a store next time.

Revlon Top Coat [Rs 250 for 8ml] – Takes long time to dry and after around 50% of use, it turned way too thick to be used comfortably. I also saw some bubbling due to this. Surely, won’t recommend this. The top coat from Rimmel is far better at the same price.

Olay Age Defying Body Wash – It is creamy and nice. I loved the smell but after few days just got bored with the smell. It is not as refreshing as a shower gel. I just got bored and it took me really long to finish it. I am happy that it is over. Pheww.

Just Herbs Silkplash [Rs 245 for 100ml] – Another product from my skincare routine and you can read the detailed review here. I finished it just 2 days back. Now, I am using the Just Herbs Livelyclean Honey Exfoliating Face Cleansing Gel sample. I got the sample for free when I did a haul from Just Herbs.

Meghdoot Herbal Sat Shampoo [Rs 115 for 300ml and Rs 175 for 500ml]– You might have read this post about this magical sulfate free herbal shampoo.

Sadly, this budget shampoo is always out of stock. Luckily, one of my dear readers Soumanti informed me when the store brought in 4 bottles of this shampoo. I purchased 1.1 liters of this shampoo ( 300ml X 2, 500ml X 1) in one go!! And I paid just Rs 405 for that!!!]

In this monsoon season, I shampoo my hair every alternate day and still it took me 2 months to finish this 300ml bottle! This helped me keeping a check on my hair fall and fizz even in this humid weather. This shampoo is magic in a bottle.

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser [Rs 250 for 250ml] – Another of my favorite products which I was using it almost everyday in July. You can read complete review here.

Sally Hansen Polish Remover – If you are a nail polish junkie then I always recommend buying good quality and bigger bottle of polish removers to protect nails and save money. I took me around 8 months to finish this bottle. This is my second bottle of Sally Hansen and I reviewed my first bottle here.

The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo – Everyone knows that I like this shampoo but I am not going to repurchase it as long as my Meghdoot shampoo’s stock lasts. (I finished it on 1st June! I could have included this in my May Empties post but that would have be been wrong. No?)

I hope you find this post helpful.


PS - The last I went for shopping was when I purchased Streetwear Risque RedStreetwear Pink Pirouette, Streetwear compact, maybelline express clean makeup remover on 29th June '14. So, I have not shopped for last 32 days and still counting.....*another pat on my back for controlling myself during this sale season*

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