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Jun 3, 2014

Recently, Sayantini asked a few Kolkata Bloggers if we have ever been to The Four Fountains Spa. She had an invite and wished to know who else were going. I just commented – "I hope they invite me". And Sayantini being a sweet soul recommended my name. Hence, I got an invite the very next day and after re-scheduling the appointment for 3 times, I went to The Four Fountains Spa, Shakespeare Sarani (Theatre Road), Kolkata branch. The second branch in Kolkata is at Salt Lake.

Before I begin, I must tell you that this was my very first Spa visit. Few things always makes me hesitant about any spa visit – High Price ( I don’t want to spend a lot because I will be happier to spend that amount with family and friends for a small get together OR buying makeup), Hygiene (if the Spa is not very hot shot then there is always doubt about levels of hygiene), Privacy (ahem ahem), Inexperienced therapists ( I can go on and on about stories of how my colleagues went for a spa visit and returned with more back pain or fractured toe!).

So, I will try to answer all the points here.

The Four Fountains Spa Experience of Shakespeare Sarani (Theatre Road) Branch

Welcome and Décor – The Spa is designed the give utmost comfort and complete de-stress environment. The first thing you notice is the refreshing Lemon Grass aroma which you will get even before entering the premises. Lemon Grass is diffused in the entire Spa to give an uplifting feel to de-stress. Plus, lemon grass aroma is a natural antiseptic so, one more step to a hygienic environment.

Upon arrival, each guest is provide a welcome drink (Aam Panna) and asked to sit at the waiting area. Even the back of the seats are designed to provide light massage to your back as you wait for your turn.

Refreshing Aam Panna upon arrival

Wooden Beads as back rest provide gentle massage as you sit

Services Provided – The Four Fountains spa provides more than 20 services categorized into 4 types
  • De-stress (head to toe massage)
  • Detox (involving body scrub and  wrap your whole body to let it sweat, followed by another scrub)
  • Immunity (mainly recommended for aged people suffering from chronic illness due to low immunity)
  • Beauty
You can choose what service you need and then choose the exact treatment. After that, an in-house doctor – Dr.Manisha asks you a set of questions and checks your stress level. You can ask her to recommend a service which will benefit you more. I wanted something from De-stress and she recommended me the ‘Relaxing’ therapy but I was willing to try something else so, tried the same one with different oil for ‘Energizing’ therapy.

Comfort – Only same-gender therapists are provided in The Four Fountains spa for the comfort of the guests. I was introduced to my therapist Annie who is from Mizoram and is working for The Four Fountains for a year. I was happy that I had an experienced therapist. She took me to the therapy room where I stopped her from cleaning the bed as I wanted to take pictures. The lights in the room are dim for the comfort of the guest. I wanted to a before and after so, here is the before.

The Lady leaves to let me change for my spa therapy but first #LetMeTakeASelfie

Hygiene – Each guest is provided with disposable undergarments. Each room is provided with an attached shower with a set of clean towels and separate hair and shower gels. I took a quick shower and changed. Actually, I found the lower garments quite big so, I wore it over what I was wearing. The bed is also covered with a disposable sheet which is laid fresh for each guest.

The Therapy – I called for my therapist by ringing the bell. She arranged the room and asked me to lie face down on the bed. She started by cleaning my feet and then proceeded to my back, arms, legs and then head. I was already suffering from stiff neck and mild pain on my left leg so, requested her to put a little more time on them. During the whole time, she made sure of the level of pressure and the strokes were comfortable for me. The therapy lasted for little over an hour. I was about to doze off so, I forgot to click the ‘after’ photo.

Privacy - The lights of the room were kept dim. Later, when I was keeping my head up, the only light was the flickering light from the oil burner. I found that very relaxing and peaceful. Also, she made sure not to touch my body as she moved around the bed/table. Additionally, a sheet was kept to cover the body parts that she was not working on for the moment. All this made sure that I was comfortable about my privacy.

Hospitality – I was asked to fill a review and comment form after the treatment to make sure that I enjoyed it. Plus, they provide every guest with green tea after the therapy.

What could have been better – I would have really enjoyed if a simple tune or any nature’s sound etc was being played. That certainly would have helped me to relax more Also, my room was close to the reception area so, any music would have helped to negate the sound from the reception area. Please bear in mind that I have sensitive ears and at times find myself unable to sleep because of the ticking of clocks. (I have replaced all my clocks to the no-sound ones)

Price Range – The treatments are far cheaper that what are provided in other spas. Most services range between Rs 699 and 1599. But, here is the deal - Visit the Spa during weekdays and you can get good discounts. Plus, corporate discounts are also available. So, check if your company has tie ups with The Four Fountains Spa.

Membership Options - What I will suggest is to take the memberships because the memberships can be shared. The yearly membership is for Rs 12,000 which can be shared by family and friends. The semi-annual membership for Rs 6,000 can be shared by a couple – BTW you can take one friend today and another one the next time.

When you become a member then charges are reduced to 50% of the original price and the charges are deducted from the price you paid. So, practically there is no charge for membership and this basically is a prepaid card.

Recommendations - I will highly recommend the semi-annual package from people about to people who are getting married soon because in Rs 6000, you can enjoy around 7-8 full body therapies in 6 months. This is far far less that than what you pay at beauty parlors and salons. Plus, these services are provided by experienced professionals. And if you wish, you can take your friend or fiancé with you.

Went to Froyo which is just few metres away from The Four Fountains for two cups of Green Apple and Forest Berry frozen yogurts. This place is my den after Momo I Am. Love the way they let you customize.

Please let me know in comments if you have any more queries. I will try my best to answer them.
I hope this helps you to choose your next de-stress spa appointment.

Keep Exploring,

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