HAUL ~ Sigma Eye Makeup Brushes with FREE Pink Eyeliner Brush

May 13, 2014

It has been days that I wanted to buy proper eye makeup brushes. I decided to get some from high brands one. But, after all my 'research', I wasn't ready to spend Rs 2K (~40$) on a single brush at the point when I required 4-5 new brushes.

I was then hanging like a pendulum between RT brushes and Sigma ones. But, I stuck with Sigma because I want to keep the theme of my makeup brushes to be Black, Steel and Pink. The eye brushes from RT are blue BTW.

Shipping Timeline - I placed my order on 23rd Apr '14, I got my package on 7th May '14. Even with the sale time going on, I got my package within 15 days.

Shipping Charges - Shipping charges depend on your country and weight of the product. The more your order, the higher the shipping charges get. For the 5 brushes, shipping to India was charged $22.

FREE GIFT - I also received a mini adorable Pink eyeliner brush (Sigma E05 Eyeliner). I badly wanted the complete brush set from Sigma in Pink but I already had few brushes. So, I am happier about the pink brush than my actual purchase!

Packaging - All brushes were within a box. Each brush had a plastic seal to prevent wear and tear.

I have already washed these brushes once and these still look good as new. I use this method to wash my brushes quickly. 

In fact, this is the second time I shopped from Sigma.com. You can see my first haul from Sigma here. Even those brushes are still good as new. 

All in all, I really love them. I consider buying makeup brushes as investment because they do not have expiry dates. You just have to make sure to keep them clean all the time. In case you are also in a mood to build your collection and not ready to spend too much then I will definitely suggest that you buy from Sigma. Each brushes has a tutorial video on how to use the same so, you can easily make your decisions at Sigma.com

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