#DovePlay PART 2 - Indiblogger Event, Fun Games, Pretty Ladies in White and Freebies

May 30, 2014

Please read Part One before reading this. Done reading? Now, lets start...

On 11th May, around 4PM, after our driver figured out the entry to the banquet hall, we entered JW Mariott, Mumbai. It basically was a big hall with some food around one corner, a photo booth on another and registration in front. We entered our Indiblogger registered email address in one laptop completely clueless why. Also, we were already divided into teams and my team was Team 2. Swarnali was with me and she was also in Team 2. We went inside the hall to discover a hall full of lovely ladies all dressed in white! It was beautiful. And then I realized why they asked us to enter our ID at the reception desk. The names of people who entered were shown on screen like – Sweet&Bitter Stepped in a minute back! WOW...

We took out seat. When I turned back – I saw Samyukta of I Simply Love Makeup. I always wanted to meet her. I really wanted to talk to her but right then the event started so, I thought maybe later. (I am going to regret about this...)

And trust me – a lot went into planning the whole thing. Bloggers were pampered to T and we were the centre of attention. Our host was none other than Freishia Bomanbehram. She greeted us and we had small quiz etc and then we were asked to form groups based on our team numbers. That is when I met my team. And MAN I am lucky; all members in our team were jolly and fun to be with. We had to name our name based on a hairstyle; we all agreed on FRENCH BRAID. Vinita commented – “We have already won because we have Pallavi with the longest hair.” Pallavi, BTW have calf length hair!

Vinita, Swarnali, Sam, Pallavi (front), Me, Suman (back) and Tanyaa || PC -Pallavi

Then, started the ice breaking session. The members of each team were divided into two groups forming an inner and another outer circle. They played a song on which the inner circle moved clocked wise and outer circle moved anti-clockwise. Owning to this, every time the song stopped, we had a different member to interact with. So, we danced on the birdy song, invented a new handshake, gave the other person a compliment on a dove broach, act as the smiley given to you. FUN ALL THE WAY!

Pallavi, Suman, Me and Sam trying out best to make the face on our cards || PC Indiblogger

Right after we jelled with our team members, we had a fun Zumba session. This is the first time I tried Jumba and I thought – “OMG! Who needs fancy gym equipments when you can DO THIS!”

At the end of our jumba session, we stayed in the same room to play the Hoola Hoop with other three teams, while other teams left to play the games that we will play later.

I casually asked Tanyaa– “Can you do this?” She replied – “Yes”. And when she got the loop, she just won’t stop! Everyone was going – Wooo..Ahhh..OHH... And she just hoola hooped. I believe she went on for more than 5 minutes! It was walk on the cake. And she sweet baby she is (she is sixteen BTW), she gave me few tips which made me keep the loop for around 30 seconds – #SoPROUD!

My 30 Seconds of Fame. Thanks to Tanyaa

Next game – Have a ball. We asked who can do catch, who can throw and how to throw. Final strategy – Michelle, Sam, Suman and Vinita will catch, others will under throw and never over throw. Michelle is exceptionally good and she didn’t miss a single ball! After the first four minutes, Swarnali, Pallavi and I entered the big playpen. We already had the grey dove balls thrown towards to the front to make sure we don’t waste time moving. By the end, balls got over in our area and the people from Indiblogger dropped balls from other’s area to us to give a more balls. After a session of loads of balls flying, we were all alive and had three hundred and F*cking fourteen balls in our bucket! The main buckets could not even keep those many!! (If you have read this para with a dirty mind then you must have enjoyed reading a lot *wink*)

The smile on our faces says that we most probably have already won this || Sam, Pallavi, Me, Tanyaa || PC Indiblogger

At this point we were aware that we are definitely going to win. Vinita ke muh mein ghee shakkar.

After that we had a session where we styled each other’s hair from the four styles that were given to us and then a larger than life jigsaw puzzle (got 650 points here). But, when you know you are going to win, things just get smoother.

Swarnali got a Disney Princess hairstyle from Micelle

Annnnd DONE || Michelle, Vinita, Sam, Tanyaa,  Bienu, Pallavi, Swarnali, Me || Can you make out the cut-out oxfords I am wearing? Purchased them from Forever 21 of Viviana an hour before reaching the event #LikeABoss

After all this, we went to a room where professionals were styling our hair. Sadly, I could never get a chance but then I do not regret it because I got time to talk with other bloggers after that. 

With Shivani || Jealous of my chiseled face (which in reality is NOT)? Say thanks to the lighting. LOL || PC Shivani

With Vinita. She is very bubbly and full of energy.

With Ila || Back to non-chiseled face #Duh || PC Ila

#GirlsGonnaDoWhatGirlsGonnaDo || PC Ila

We all went to the pool area where we could feel the breeze from Juhu beach just few meters away. I wanted to go but I thought maybe later (another regret!).

Mixologist Pranav Thakker showed us how to make a perfect drink after the ‘Be the Bartender’ activity. BTW, only one member from each team could take part in ‘Be the Bartender’.

We all returned to main hall and enjoyed our dinner where we enjoyed a choreographed dance performance on Happy and other peppy songs. Right after that the results were announced and without a doubt we won! Bazinnnngaaaa... The prize – Rs 5000 worth Lakme spa vouchers. 

Our team - BienuMichellePallaviSamSuman, SwarnaliTanyaa, Vinita

Also, everyone got some free goodies. Miss Awesome Suwoman Suman gave me her hair straighter and I asked for hair dryer so, yes, I got both. 

#FeelingRich #TouchedByAGoodHeart

So, you know now, why I told you in previous post that this is the best blogger event? Managing 120 ladies among whom few were flying from other cities, keeping them occupied with games, pampering them with help from professionals, entertaining them with dance performances, providing them the best drinks and food, freebies worth using and a dove hair clip to help to remind the fun you had. 

Can any blogger ask for more?

With Dove Rep who was part of all the plans. We went to Thanks them for the special day they have given us.

We all come back to hotel. At this time, I was tired but we had a flight to catch in another 8 hours. I immersed myself into hot water tub to relax my nerves, skipped sleep, packed everything, went to Airport to had some idli vadas and off to my city (voting day in my city BTW)

Please note I was have not clicked much images so, gathered all images from twitter and facebook. I will add more images as and when I discover more. Also, let me know if you discover my picture anywhere. Would love to add them here.

I really hope you enjoyed reading the post as much as enjoyed writing it then please drop a comment. Also, do follow me on Instagram (shayoni_sabbb) because all action happens there first *wink*

What I wore - White Dress - Lifestyle, Inorbit Mall // Belt - Hill Road // Cut Out Oxford, Leaf Ear Cuff, Ring - Forever 21 Viviana


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