#DovePlay PART 1 - Mumbai Diary - Travel, Shopping and More Shopping

May 29, 2014

3rd May

While I was in Sikkim, I got an invite for a blogger event happening in Mumbai. As usual, I rolled by eyes – these people! I am in Kolkata and not in Delhi/Mumbai. Actually, I receive a lot of invite for events happening in Delhi and at times at Mumbai and because I cannot go, I never even read the mail on urgent basis. In general, I do reply back later but never on priority.

6th May

As I was getting ready to rush to office after taking an important call at home, trying to mentally chalk down the to-dos for the day, I got a call. This was from Indiblogger and it hit me that this must be about the mail that I have not read yet. So, I told them that I am in Kolkata. Vineet continued that they are planning to arrange travel and stay for the event for few bloggers. He also told me that the event was on 11th . At this moment, I thought – who will grant me another day leave when the work load is literally breaking on my head and the election is also on 12th so, I said – Okay, I will get back to you. But, before the call got dropped, I checked the calendar handing in my drawing room 11th May = SUNDAY! SAY WHAAATT!!!!!

“Yes yesyes. I want to go” Oye, stupid girl! Remember what happened when you traveled on the same day in Baramati? You were almost dead and could not enjoy it as much as others!

“But, I was to go a day earlier.”

9th May 

In reality just 3 days have passed but for me every minute passed like a YEAR! By this time, I got to know who all were travelling from Delhi and Pune. I was more and more excited every second. Forget KEEP CALM, I have lost it!

At 9 PM, I got my tickets for the 10th morning 6 AM flight. Yes, less than 9 hours to go and I have to pack, sleep, organize, stabilize an issue that was warming up in office, etc, etc…..but focus on – 9 hours! And I will be on my way to the city of dreams…….

But, why pack when I have time to shop? Shop in Mumbai!! So, I skipped packing. Carried just a tee and jammies, some makeup (hello!Beauty blogger?)and toothpaste and toothbrush. After an hour of shut eye, I left home at 3 AM. At 6 AM, I am flying.

At this moment, I have no idea where to go in Mumbai, where to shop – NOTHING. I asked Maniparna during the flight and she suggested that I cannot miss Infinity Mall. Plus, shopping at Forever 21 was my number one priority. She got me on an auto which took me to Infinity mall – only to discover that malls don’t open till 11 AM.

And then the rest of the day – Infinity Mall (Much awaited but not too interesting Forever 21, One nail polish from Colorbar, 50% flash sale at Forever New, Life's first Starbuck) -> Auto ride ->Inorbit Mall (Lifestyle – got my White dress from here) -> Auto Ride -> Hill Road (Loads and loads of things at low fixed prices) -> Bus Ride to Bandra Station ->Bandra to Dadar by train -> train change at Dadar ->Dadar to Thane Station ->Hiranandani Estate -> Sleep at 3 AM at my friend’s home

11th May

12:00 PM – Woke up after a beautiful sleep. Realized that Viviana mall which has another Forever 21 also has a store there and just 7 KMs away -> Auto to Viviana Mall ->Awed by the Forever 21 -> Spent a Bomb there -> Realized that I have just a hour to travel half the city and requested Autowala to drive Auto in Rajnikanth mode

3:00 PM – Changed to my white dress at hotel and went to JW Mariott for Dove Play Event

4:00PM – The event was about to start and we were grouped in teams with maps and what not. At this point I thought – Mumbai has shown me some wonderful things and given me a day to remember. A person cannot get more than this

…….and I was about to be proved wrong in the next few hours. #DovePlay is the best bloggers event I have ever been in my life!



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