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Apr 28, 2014

I should have marked the date when I tasted my first Blueberry Cheese Cake from Theos. My life changed that day. I never felt that good ever before in my life. If I am cross at you then please get me a slice of Blueberry Cheese Cake from Theos and I will kiss you on your forehead!

Now, keeping aside the condition on which I might kiss you, I also discovered this amazing fruit - Blueberry. So, the moment I got to know about the launch of Blueberry range by Body Shop, I was smiling ear to ear.
And then I found that Body Shop has launched a special edition to the same with all products - Butter, Scrub, Shower Gel, Body Lotion and a cute smiling Blueberry shaped bath Sponge.

The Body Shop Special Edition Blueberry Loofah

Look at the smiling face. 

Just look at it. 

Just once more. 

How cute is it? 

A bath sponge shaped like Blueberry!

Do I need to say anything more? But, I will as it deserved to be talked about. It is a round sponge with towel type material sewed on it with a closed eye smiling face embroidered with white thread. And thanks good it is closed. I don’t like people looking at me while I am taking shower. LOL. The top of the blueberry have a rough surface that can be used for elbows and knees. It took me some time to get it. On the first day it used to fall off my hand. Maybe my hands are just too small for this one. Then, I started using it my locking my hand in the string/ribbon attached to it. One problem solved. But there is another little problem, as the sponge is enclosed with a towel like material, the water does not drain out easily and hence, takes long to dry. I do not want to wring it as it might alter the shape.

  • Cute and unique fun shape
  • Helps create a smooth creamy lather.
  • Has both rough and smooth surface
Bitter Points
  • Takes a long time to dry.
  • Limited edition
  • Costly for a bath sponge
Price – Rs 645

The Body Shop Special Edition Blueberry Shower Gel 

If you love fruity scents for your shower gel then you won’t be able to say no it. The smell of the earlier range was a lot more like the Passionfruit range (I only tried that at store back in December) but this one is livelier and more like blueberry – the tangy sweetness. The smell seems overpowering at first but you only need little. As you lather it up, it smells gets toned down. Sadly, the smells transfers very less on my skin and hardly lasts for few minutes. Maybe layer this with other products from the range would have helped to make the smell last longer. Like all TBS shower gel, this is soap free. But, they do contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate as foaming agent. Luckily, no drying or scaly skin after used and I have confidently skipped body lotions after using it. What I loved about the shower gel other than the great smell is that the lather is not too much and creamier for a shower gel.

  • Refreshing fruity smell apt for summer morning
  • Does not dries skin
  • Does not lather too much 
  • Creamy lather which feels luxurious.
  • SLS free but contains Sulfates
  • Limited edition. You need to grab them and stock them up before they disappear from the store near you
  • Costly for a shower gel 
Price – Rs 450 for 250ml

And here is a thing - I really like Blue it seems - Blueberry Cheese Cake, Smurfs, Blue from Rio.....

Overall - Before these special edition Blueberry products disappear from the shelves from of your nearest Body Shop store, go and try it once. You might fall in love with these.

And these are all available at 15% discount at stores and 20% discount at online store now.

Keep Smiling,

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*PR Sample. Hones review.

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