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Apr 8, 2014

Sally Hansen No More Mistakes Manicure Clean-Up Pen Review

When I look back into my previous posts, I find many things that I need to improve on. Specially, the pictures with nail swatches or nail arts. Those tiny nail polish smears around my nail beds almost kills me when I look at my old nail art pictures. They are hardly visible though n*ked eyes but when you click in macro, your camera make it a point to pick the smallest nastiest details. Arghhhhhh

Using Q-tip always made me ruin my nail polish and I was not ready to destroy my brushes by dipping them in nail polish remover. Then, I found this magic wand when I discovered Sally Hansen stuff being sold nearby - Sally Hansen No More Mistakes Manicure Clean-Up Pen.

Sally Hansen No More Mistakes Manicure Clean-Up Pen Review

What Sally Hansen says -
  • Quickly erases mistakes
  • For a flawless, salon-perfect manicure
Innovative precision-tapered felt-tip pen with 2 replacement tips. Instantly removes nail color mistakes with just one stroke. Salon tested. Dermatologist tested

Sally Hansen No More Mistakes Manicure Clean-Up Pen Review

Sweet Points
  • I do not have to depend on Q-tips or anything else to clean the smears and smudges. This is easy to use.
  • The tip of Sally Hansen clean-up pen is pointed and flat which helps to remove the nail polish. 
  • The tip is strong and does not break or bend or lose its shape
  • In case your tip is all stained and dirty, you can easily replace with the 2 free replacements.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Easily available as Sally Hansen stores are increasing. Plus, they are available online as well.

Bitter Points

  • While Sally Hansen creates the best of nail polish removers, the one inside this is bad. All you need to do is pull out the tip and pour in your favorite nail polish remover to make it work faster and smoother.
  • This is almost a hollow tube for which they charge Rs 465. The price you pay is only for the tips.

Sally Hansen No More Mistakes Manicure Clean-Up Pen Review

Overall - I love it! This in fact is my second pen. I had to buy another because I lost my previous one. Otherwise, this one Clean-up pen can last for a long time - just keep on filling it with your favorite polish remover and keep the tips clean. I will recommend this to everyone who document or blog their nail arts and want things to be perfect.

PS: Only Sally Hansen retails a manicure Clean Up pen in India.


Sally Hansen Strengthening Polish Remover

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