Revlon Tease Colorburst LACQUER Balm Review and Swatch

Apr 3, 2014

As I mentioned in my Revlon Matte Balm review, I was trying to pick lip colors that are not in my vanity. Other than dark colors, there is another thing that I am scared of in lip colors - shimmer. The moment I see any variant of glitter in lip colors, I turn 180 degrees and run. (The main reason I keep safe distance from lip glosses). So, for the first time, I got a color with shimmer - not Christmas Ornament Glitter but some simple hardly visible micro flecks. Remember, baby steps is the way to go!

Presenting, the new launch from Revlon India - Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm Tease.

Revlon Tease Colorburst Lacquer Balm Review and Swatch

Color - Revlon Tease is glossy burnt orange with pink tones having hardly noticeable micro gold glitter. I wore it to office without attracting any unwanted glances so, I can say its not in your face bright color. LOL

Smell - The same old known fresh minty smell which goes off within minutes

Texture - Glossy and lightweight - almost feels like nothing! The balm is very hydrating and as moisturizing as a lip balm.

Application -You get an almost opaque finish. The balm glides to give a smooth application. The coverage is build-able. 

Revlon Tease Lacquer Balm Review

Payoff - Revlon Tease stayed for a very very short time on my lips. The maximum I could make it stay was for one and half hours! Plus, it leaves a hardly traceable peachy stain. Luckily, the glitter does not stay behind. I think I eat the glitters along with the color. LOL. 

Price - Rs 800. I am still thinking about Snakes!!!

Revlon Tease Lacquer Balm Swatch

Revlon Tease Lacquer Balm Review

Revlon Tease Lacquer Balm Review

Sweet Points
  • Light and hydrating texture like balm.
  • Build-able and Opaque texture. Almost covers lip pigmentation.
  • Even application with smooth easy to glide texture
Bitter Points
  • Terrible payoff. Lasts for an hour on average. Plus, hardly leaves behind any stain. In two hours, you can simply forget you ever wore anything. Maybe the issue is not there with darker shades.
  • Priced at Rs 800. 

Overall - I hope the color lasts longer for other shades. Luckily the texture is great. I enjoy it more like a tinted balm but Rs 800 for a tinted balm! Gasp...

Have you discovered any color from Revlon Lacquer range which lasts longer or you faced the same issue? 


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