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Apr 15, 2014

Today is Bengali New Year and so, I wanted to try something new. As you might know, I am not at all confident with indoor photography so, I always click outside on weekends. So, today with the use of a 100 Watt soft white bulb, I decided to click pictures on my study desk.

As you will need to see the exact color of each object in review post, I decided to do a haul post. Please do not depend on the colors of the products shown here as they are not even 80% accurate. LOL. This post contains products which I purchased/ordered online in last one week.

So, I will stop my blabbering here  and continue with what I hauled...


MAC Rubenesque Pro Longwear Paint Pot (Rs 1450)
MAC Golden Hours Mineralize Eyeshadow from A Fantasy of Flower Collection (Rs 1500)

I went there to book Flat Out Fabulous and end up buying two things which I had no desire to buy but end up loving them. This happens when the SA is great. I am happy to find Aishwarya at MAC Store, Quest Mall. Loved her way to talking and handling customers. This is all that she suggested and I feel happy that I got these.


Rimmel Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (Rs 520)
Rimmel Pro Super Wear Ultra Shine Top Coat (Rs 265)
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Bad Girl Bronze (Rs 415)
Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer Sable (Rs 315)

Now, a sad story - I purchased the gel liner for Rs 520 and it is sold in Nykaa.com for Rs 315. I am little heartbroken to be true but I am trying not to bother about that because I think there are two sizes because there are two listings for this at Nykaa. Plus, I am in love with the Sable eyeliner - no shimmer brown liner which can be smudged to get a soft smoky look for everyday.


Lakme Absolute Royal Blue Gel Stylist Nail Polish (Rs 400)
Lakme Orange Alert 9 to 5 Lipstick (Rs 400)

I purchased both from Nykaa.com and got Rs 100 off on use of coupon LAKME100NYKAA. You can also use the coupon on purchase of Rs 800 and above.

Deborah Milano

Deborah Milano Express Cleansing Water (Rs 700)
Deborah Milano Shine Tech Gel Like 01 (Rs 350)

I am loving the nail paint - Day 3 and yet shines like I have just applied them! But, please do not get me started on the 'cleansing water'. Even pure water cleans more than this does. I am thinking a 'regret buying' post and this one at the second position as on one. Do not even remind me which got the first position on regrets list - My heart pains....


Revlon By Marchesa Manicure Essentials (Rs 675)
Revlon Bonsai Colorstay Nail Polish (Rs 350)
Revlon Nail Art Style Strips Lips and Tips ( Rs 299 Rs 150)

Do I need a manicure set? Hell no. Why I have I got this for Rs 675? Because I needed a cuticle trimmer. LOL. The nail stickers are not at 50% off as they have launched a new range of 3D nail sticker. These are now sold for Rs 150. I am almost against nail stickers but the design tempted me - tiny lipsticks all over your nail! Bwaahhahahahah 


L'Occitane Radiance & Colour Care Mask (Rs 2150)

Just like that. Yes, I remain very cautious with what skincare/haircare I use but at times I just don't care. It might be the case that the frustration of not able to buy Morrocon Oil products made me buy this. Why the hell no one retails them online and why are the saloons which sells them are far far away from my home? Why God Why?


Maybelline Bold Gold Color Show Nail Polish (Rs 70)
Maybelline Shiny Beige Color Show Eyeliner (Rs 325)

And now the freebies.....

Candle stand on purchase over Rs 1000 at Revlon. You also get a wallet/clutch on purchase of Rs 1000/1500 (depends on the store). I had no intentions of getting that free clutch/wallet so, got this. I will change the color of this the day I get time.

The foldable bag with bag on  purchase over Rs 1000 from Deborah Milano.

Loads of samples from L'Occitane.

Moral of the story - I still s*ck at indoor photography. LOL. Somebody please give me some tips to make them better.

Should I include the price of each item here or not?

Be Happy,

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