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Apr 10, 2014

Twitter Icons Easy Nail Art

If you follow me on Twitter,  then you will know that every tweet is actually a sync from FB. Every TWEET! Yes, I am almost inactive there. But, all in all you can get all updates at a single place! LOL

I tried this nail art with various twitter icons. The toughest was definitely to make Larry - the twitter bird. The first time I made it, Larry turned out petite. The next time Larry's head became huge. They say third time is the charm so, I am keeping it the way it tuned out. Hmppphhh

Material Used

  • Lakme Color Crush 08 as White Nail Polish
  • Maybelline Color Show Shocking Seas for Twitter Blue Nail Polish
  • Maybelline Color Show Crystal Clear as Top Coat - not the best choice.
  • Silver Tape from Bourjois Easy Nail Art Kit - Loved it. The tape is strong and sticks easily without causing any damage to nail. Without top coat, the tape start to peel around the ends from day 2 but with top coat, there is no complain. 
  • Maybelline Brush (gift with purchase) for strokes used to draw the Twitter bird Larry the Bird. I kept the sally hansen polish remover to clean the brush and keep the brush wet as both the nail polishes are thick.
  • Toothpick as dotting tool. Toothpicks are best disposable dotting tool - easy to use and no need to clean them!

Twitter Icons Easy Nail Art

Thumb - Larry the Twitter Bird
Index - 'Compose New Tweet' icon
Middle - Twitter Logo
Ring - Favorite Icon
Little - Hashtag!

Twitter Icons Easy Nail Art

 Hope you like it.

BTW, I did this some time back when my 'Sally Hansen no more mistakes clean-up pen' was no where nearby so, you can spot some issues on the index finger nail bed.  OOPS!

Keep Enjoying,

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