12 Beauty Products I REGRET Buying // The Hates, Mistakes, Fails and Flops // Money Down the Drain

Apr 27, 2014

Before I start saying anything, let me start with a simple disclaimer. 

"The products listed below are the ones which didn't work up to my expectations or the claims they provided. Plus, these are the products which I cannot even employ in other tasks. It might be the case that one of the products listed below is your favorite or holy grail, but sadly these could not float my boat. Interestingly, few of the following products are loved/raved by many bloggers but for me, they turned out to be big failures..."

The beauty products I regret buying are arranged in increasing order of hate - the products listed at the top is the least hated, and the level of hatred grows as you go down the list.

I hope this post helps you to keep your distance from products that will waste your money.

Revlon Shadowlink Eyeshadows in Sand and Taupe Bad

Revlon Shadowlink Eyeshadows in Sand and Taupe

These are one of the recent new launches by Revlon. As Revlon is one of the brands I really adore for the lip colors, I could not skip on this customization eye shadows. Plus, the price tag of Rs 175 is quite reasonable. I picked a lot of colors at the store (Do keep in mind that all the colors are not even launched in India - especially Cocoa). Something felt awkward, and I decided to get only 2. 

Sadly, neither of them shows on my eyelids and let me not start talking about the fallout. I bought them with the motive of them being a quick fix to be kept in my office makeup bag for any sudden party plans. But, these need the whole primer and all to even start showing on my eyelids. I will have to continue with my Sleek Oh So Special forever it seems for my office makeup bag as well as travel makeup bag.

Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange and Pomegranate Body Lotion

Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange and Pomegranate Body Lotion

Love Love Love the smell.
Hate the texture it leaves behind - somewhat too smooth silicon feel.

I feel that the moisturizers do not penetrate deep to moisturize skin and if I apply more then it starts getting uncomfortable to the extent that I have to take another bath. I will still use the lotions because words cannot define how much I love the smell. I have to apply a very small quantity just to get the fragrance on me.

Lotus Safe Sun Daily Mutli-Function Sunblock SPF 70 PA +++

Lotus Safe Sun Daily Multi-Function Sunblock SPF 70 PA +++ 

I am using the matte SPF 40 sunscreen from Lotus for around 6-7 years now, and I really like it. Some time back, I decided to try this other variant. Other than the fact that the SPF 70 one is far lighter in color and runny than the SPF 40 one, I had no complaints as such. 

Then one day, I was at a local store asking about new lipsticks, a sudden glance at the mirror and I found this peeling off my face. I had only heard that foundation slips and peels off and it was happening for the first time. 

I thought maybe it was something else, but then this happened again - twice. I cannot use this for my face. And while I am leaving for office in the morning, I do not have the time to use different sunscreens for face and body. 

So, I can use it only at times when I have ample time to apply sunscreen.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 
I have not use the tub yet. The tube is about to get over. Sadly, it gives a pimple or two every time. 

Maybe, it will work on oilier skin. 
Maybe, I will use it when it is hotter here because I really want this to work for me. 
Can I start crying now?

Soultree Hair Repair Shampoo Disappointment Bad

Soultree Hair Repair Shampoo

This turned out to be Hair Damage Shampoo for me. This shampoo is the reason I got bad hair at two bloggers events which were back to back ( this and this). 

I have had such accidents before as I keep on trying new sulfate-free shampoos, but I generally used the bad ones as detergents. This one smells such that I cannot wash anything with it. The smell is not bad but definitely not something your fresh clothes should smell like.

The Body Shop Sakura Puree Body Lotion Disappointment Bad

The Body Shop Sakura Puree Body Lotion

Great smell, bad texture. 

At the store, it felt like a gel which turns water as you rub on the skin - moisturizing without being oily. 

Now comes the not so good part - as the watery feeling settles, it start getting sticky to the level beyond comfort. I do not know if this is a faulty bottle because I got it on sale. 

Generally, I give my unusable skincare products to someone in my family who does not bother much, but sadly even the does-not-bother-much ones have also rejected this. Everyone complains - 'gets sticky'. 

And to think of, I wanted to buy two bottles because they smell so good.

EOS Lip Balms Lemon Drop Summer Fruit

EOS Lip Balms

I can see that your jaws just dropped! This is the most celebrated lip balms of all. I could not wait to get my paws on it. Then, I discovered free shipping at sasa.com and the EOS lip balms were also having some offer so, I could not wait anymore. 

But, sadly these two variants - Lemon Drop and Summer Fruit were a total fail for me. 

It started with the Lemon Drop actually. The smell was not fresh, the manufacture/expiry dates were missing, and they will hardly glide on my lips - let alone moisturize/hydrate. I was happy with Summer Fruit, but suddenly even Summer Fruit also turned bad. 

Maybe my luck was seriously bad on this. I will surely buy some other variant later.

Nivea Whitening Deodorant

Nivea Whitening Deodorant

When my favorite Sure Roll-on got over, I decided to try something new. Found this one at the store and since I was really happy with the new Nivea products, I decided to give this a try. 

Sadly, this seems like milky water and nothing else. Forget lightening skin color, it does not even prevent sweating! Plus, it takes too long to get dry. Imagine keeping your hands up high for 3 minutes before you can start wearing clothes! 

I am back to my trusted Sure Roll-ons now.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Elimination Cooling Toner

Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Elimination Cooling Toner

I do not even use a toner every day! 
God know why I purchased this. 
Maybe because it says 'cooling.' 

The moment this touches my skin, it starts to burn my skin to the extent that I have to use ice to 'cool' down my skin. 

Sephora Age Defy Eye Cream

Sephora Age Defy Eye Cream
I can write a thousand word essay on how much I hate it. I will not bore with that and keep it short - tough to apply, flakes, creases, balls up, lifts itself and peels off like a face mask! The cream has a life of its own...

Price - Rs 1800 for 18ml

Deborah Milano Dermolab Express Cleansing Water

Deborah Milano Dermolab Express Cleansing Water

Expectation - I thought it will be like my beloved and sparingly-used-because-of-insane-price Bioderma Sensibio H2O. 

Truth - It removes far less than what a cotton ball soaked in water would. 
In simpler terms - NOTHING. 

It does nothing. 

Price - Rs 700

Soulflower Argan Oil and Rosehip Oil

Soulflower Argan Oil and Rosehip Oil

More than a year back, I hauled a few things from Soulflower.biz. Around the same time, I was reading all about Argan Oils and benefits of the same. I dug deep and realized that it is better to use direct oils than products which only have a minuscule amount of Argan Oil. So, I added these two in the cart as well. 

When they arrived, I could not stand the smell of them. Both were smelling the same, and they were like vegetable oil gone rancid. At first, I thought maybe this is the way these smell so, I kept on making faces but still tried to use it. They did nothing. Plus, it was getting harder to stand the smell with each passing day. 

I really thought that my thought of using oils instead of creams was naive and I am a big stupid person. Two months back, I discovered Keihl's Midnight Recovery Oil, Clarins Lotus Oil and Body Shop Vitamin E Serum in Oil - all oil formulas which work for me. 

Now did you get the picture why I marked the Soulflower Oils as the Most Hated one? The reasons are obviously because they do not seem to be 100% pure, are oxidized (rancid), did no good and cannot be use for any other thing. 

But, the main reason is that it shook my belief. For a year I thought oils won't work for me and I never paid attention to any other oil. If I had not met Kiehl's, then I might have led my entire life believing that oils do not work for me. Sigh. 

Please share what was the most disastrous purchase of your and save other people.

Plus, let me know if I can use them for some other task and make them worth it.

Be Happy,

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