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Mar 24, 2014

Just in case you are not aware, there is a pink retractable kabuki brush by Too Faced which is supposedly make from teddy bear hair. Yes, teddy bear hair. I have even had a dream about it. Sadly, I could not get to ship Too Faced to India in a simple way. Too Faced even revamped the look and made the brush look more posh recently. The 34$ brush will forever be in my dreams..........or so I thought.

Life has a way of throwing new things at you if you are ready to catch. And I caught the new retractable brushes from Real techniques with my grabby hands. (Actually, I always wanted to try Real Technique brushes for a long time but it was getting tough to decide which one to buy). 

Real Techniques recently added 4 amazing brushes - retractable kabuki brush (pink), retractable lip brush (pink), retractable bronzer brush (gold) and silicone liner brush (blue). I got both pink ones from

I got them a month back (more than a month actually - 20th Feb - remember my package from feelunique?) and after using them I can see why people love real techniques brushes. I wish even the silicone liner brush was retractable. I would purchased that in a heartbeat - seriously!

This is how the 'retract' works for all the brushes. Pull out the shiny metal base under the bristles - put the cap on it - push it down. The shape of the brush is retained. This is some real good design they came up with. No fear of bristles getting caught as you put the cap. Plus, no fear of dirty brushes making your travel pouch dirty! Both brush and bag are saved. And the brushes are strong and sturdy.

Real Technique Retractable Kabuki brush is slanted and very dense. It picks up color easily. Using it for blush and powder. Not my absolute favorite as compared to other brushes I have but nothing to complain about as well. I have washed it twice by now and you can see that they looks clean and fresh. Neither any shredding nor any change in color.

Real Technique Retractable Lip brush is flat with rounded top. The brush is firm which helps you to be precise (HELLO Dark lipsticks!). I have used it for lipsticks, strains and gloss. And it works perfectly. You can save a bit of stain on the lip brush, put the lid on and carry in around in bag for touch ups later when you do not want to carry your lipstick with you. (Your lipstick shade can forever be a secret. Also, in case you lipstick has melted and you want to make the most of it. *wink* )

Sweet Points

  • Works well and good quality bristles.
  • Super cute. The pink body wins all the points here for being cute and trendy.
  • Not priced high. They are priced at $10.00 for Kabuki and $6.00 for the lip brush at RT website.
  • The retractable design is nice and helps to keep the brush in shape.
  • No Shredding, no color loss

Bitter Points

  • Not available in India. You will have to pay shipping etc.
  • I do wish they were tad smaller. I would have loved it it was the size of a lipstick. It would have allowed to make room for more products in travel bag. 

Silly Me - They are priced at $10.00 for Kabuki and $6.00 for the lip brush at RT website. I got it from for $20.98 and $12.23 respectively. I know that I made a stupid move but I was in real hurry.

But imagine my state of mind at the moment of purchase - I was ready to spare $34 for that cruelty free teddy hair brush and I got a similar brush AND another brush for a lesser price with no extra shipping. I really was not doing any thinking that moment. LOL. Also, with shipping, it would have costed me the same from Ebay as well. 

Keep Following your Heart,

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