How I Store Ittar and Perfume Vials/Samples

Mar 10, 2014

How to Store Perfume Vials

I like to organised things to make sure they are easily reachable when in need. Recently, the perfume vials and ittars took a back seat because the full size bigger perfume bottle are easy to reach. Also for vials, you need to take them out of paper, use them and then put them back as they were - not possible when you are in hurry - and perfume are sort of applied at the last moment in hurry. So, one day I took out all of paper and store them in small box. I still keep the paper files of the vials as they are beautiful. Well, someone spend lot of time designing them!

The small box was not able to store them properly so, I shifted all of them to this cute pink box. You get nuts in these boxes in flights. Yes, I brought back the case just to store my perfume vials and in my defense recycling is the key to better world! Also, this actually belongs to Swarnali - I took begged it from her.

I am going to add something to the box to jazz it up (soon). But, I also like the name of the box - Nut Case - for someone real nuts about perfumes.

Pink Box

Ittars Atar Musk Flower India

Another thing I love are Ittar. But, I own only 3 out of which 2 are gifted. These are not the hot shot ones in Ittar's world. I am going to get more when I visit Old Delhi next time. In case you are not aware, Ittar are 100% natural perfume oil derived from botanical sources. Ittars are free of alcohol and chemicals. If longevity is an issue with your perfumes then start buying Ittars. Even a drop of ittars will last for an entire day and even the next time you wear the same cloths (even after you wash them!). 

As Ittars are natural, they age as well. They develop more character as they begin to age - stronger and intense.

How to store perfume samples

If you have few perfume vials them its okay to keep them in their paper case. But, as the collection of your perfume grow bigger so does your perfume vials collections. The SA will surely give you some sample to try - best way to increase repeat customer base.

I hope you liked this idea of storing just the perfume vials and ittars in a tin box instead of all wrapped up in paper.

Keep Organizing,

PS: Ittar, Kajal (Kohl) and Heena are three things that makes me proud about Ancient Indian beauty world. Plus, we have Ayurveda and the famous 'K' novel *wink*

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