Empties in February? | Can you Believe THIS?

Mar 2, 2014

'Empties Post' is a list of products that I successfully finish any given month. I started this 'Project' to clean off my bathroom shelves from products which I brought for some reasons and later just let them rot. Now, don't lie to me - I know even you have some products which are just sitting somewhere gaining dust and getting no love from you!

I started them when I got inspired because of THIS last year. Initially the empties posts were HUGE. I mean really HUGE - like THIS or THIS and THIS as well. Because they were mainly products that had just few usage left and I was saving them - why? Smell...

Anyhow, the number of products in each posts slowly got down as I had new products to finish up. And this month, I could finish just one product. Can you believe this? JUST ONE!

I am very happy that my shelves are lot cleaner now and I can shop without any guilt. 

BTW, I finished all my TBS Body Butters and left with the tiny one from Gingerman tin box.


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