70% OFF at Accessorize made Accessories Cheaper than PEANUTS!

Mar 9, 2014

Pink Jewelry Package Accessorize India

Barney's one rule - 'New is always better'

But, there is one place when Barney's rule fail - Accessorize. Anything you see at the store will surely be at offer in some days and you will definitely get a better deal as things get older.

I saw 50% off at Accessorize few days back. I was really excited but nothing charmed me much. I picked up two sets of earrings but decided not to buy them at the last moment. 

This weekend I saw 70% off and I paid another visit. Those exact same earring were there - at 70% off this time. Plus, one of them was the last piece at store. This was pure sign from universe that I need this (or just a moment where I can simply blame the universe for conspiring to make me SHOP! *wink*)

When I calculated the price, I could not believe it! I had to buy few more things. I also found the spike earring which I saw on Anupriya's Insta feed. And right now while linking, I found that she also got the same heart stud ring. Ha ha..

Accessorize Haul India Sale 70% 2014

Accessorize Earring Sets India Haul

Spike Drop Silver - Rs 695  Rs 208
18 X Rock Stud Set - Rs 1345 Rs 454
Grunge Stud Set - Rs 1345 Rs 454
Cone Spike Stud - Rs 345 Rs 104
Studded Plastic Heart, Black - Rs 545 Rs 164

I felt I got a good deal - almost street side store price! So, I went to the other Accessorize store in city but found nothing interesting.  Bleh.

BTW, if you like earring sets then do pay visit to Claire's or Forever 21. Both of them store good sets.

Keep Shopping,

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