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Mar 16, 2014

Which colors do you like for nails during summer? 

I tend to be biased toward Glossy Pastels, Pinks and Brights. So, I created a very simple nail art using these colors. 

Actually, I planned on doing a simple 'Pastel Colored French Manicure' but then I was not happy with use of just one color. One thing lead to another and this slanted tiered nail art happened. 

I have not used tapes so, the lines are not perfect.

Colors Used

Pastel Pink - Maybelline Constant Candy
Pop Pink - Maybelline Fiesty Fushia 
Bright Orange - Maybelline Orange Fix

Maybelline Color Show nail paints are good for nail art because the color comes opaques in 1-2 coats.

For Base Coat, I have used 'Rimmel All White Now'. It truly is a must have. The tiny blue shimmer make nail base brighter and reduces yellowness. Check swatches HERE to see the difference with and without 'Rimmel All White Now'.

For Top Coat, I used Maybelline Crystal Clear - not a good idea as it does bubble up at times.

Maybelline Color Show Orange Fix Nail Art India
Maybelline Color Show Orange Fix

Nail Art with Maybelline Color Show
Nail Art with Maybelline Color Show

See how the base looks fresh - all credit goes to 'Rimmel All White Now'.

Pastel Pink Nail Polish - Maybelline Constant Candy
Maybelline Constant Candy

I hope you liked this very simple nail art. 

You can also try to different color set of the sample family. Example - pastel blue, sky blue and then a darker shade of blue of your choice OR pastel green, spring green and then a darker green of your choice. 

Your Nails. Your Choice.

Happy Holi (in advance)

Be Colorful,

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