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Feb 13, 2014

Thanks to every sweet soul on this planet who took a minute (or more) from their busy week life to wish me for my birthday. Your wishes made my day for sure. Thank You.

Today was a good day with no plans and I found something nice anyways. That aptly describes most of my days (at personal level at least) and that perfect described today as well - My Birthday.

I am happy to be surrounded by loved one. 
I am happy because I have people who care about me. 
I am happy because some people exactly what I need. 
I am happy because of all the great wishes from people sent me. (THANK YOU!)
But am I happy just because it my Birthday? Not sure..

At the end of the day I wanted to visit Mrs Magpie and found this classy and elegant place -
La Maison Des Delices Patisserie & Bistro. Its is near Mrs Magpie so, you might want to visit the place when you are around the place.

La Maison Des Delices Patisserie & Bistro Kolkata
La Maison Des Delices Patisserie & Bistro

 And at last at Mrs Magpie.

One problem with having your birthday soooo near Valentine's day - most of your gifts are either red in color or more apt for V-day than B-Day. LOL

And see my second cake of the day is both Red and apt for V-Day with love doves on top.

Now...Quick....Make a Wish.....

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