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Feb 19, 2014

I was invited with few fellow bloggers from Kolkata to the Four Seasons Vineyard in Roti. Now, this place is not even registered at Google maps so, you can image how far from the normal lifestyle it might be. For city people like us, this was a big treat to our mind and soul. Luckily, I found 2G internet speed there so, I kept on updating on Instagram. I mean, If you see me not posting in blog or FB be sure that I am posting something on Instagram because its faster and works even on low internet speed.

There will be another post with loads of details etc but that will take some time (maybe this weekend?) so, until then, enjoy the pictures I updated at Instagram. This is more of a personal post.....

We were flying on 16th evening from Kolkata to Pune. I had a big plan with the 'I am leaving on a Jet Plane Instapic'. I even applied nail polish while I was going to the airport on taxi to make it better. But, I could not pose my 10 fingers the way I wanted so, ended up with this simple thing. And even this picture gave a load of pain to click. Thanks a lot to Swarnali for helping with this one. At times things looks a lot simple but are tough to capture.

And BIG thanks to Shikha who suggested me chew gums to ease the cabin pressure issues. She also gave me some chewing gums as well. For the first time in my life, no popping ear pain! 

We reached around 10 pm to see a car waiting for us. (Two to accommodate all of us with our luggage). It takes 1.5-2 hours to reach Baramati. 

We reached the Vineyard around quarter to 12. This place is actually on a small hill. Nothing surrounds it. You can enjoy sunrise and sunset to the horizon. There are factories and towns along the horizon. As the lights are really far away and because of the mist in the air, the lights twinkle like stars (sadly, my camera could not capture it). 

Still, Deepa, Swarnali and I took some time to sit on the pool side. There we no lights there that time so, we had moonlight, stars on the sky and twinkling lights around the horizon. Deepa made some coffee for us and it was the best way anyone can enjoy coffee. No cafe can beat that!

I had my eyes on this tractor the moment we landed here. It was like paying Farmville - Villa, Tractor, Bushes, Fountains, get what I mean if you have played Farmville!

The pic on the tractor is the first pic I had to take. Not bad for a no-makeup pic.
PC - Swarnali.

The villa faces east. Check out the Sun reflected on the window pane? And do not miss the Moon
And ohhhhh the tiny lawn mower (Farmville Fans say 'Yeahhh!').
 This pictures (as I just realized) was not even updated in Instagram (Donno how I missed!)

We all then walked to the west side of the Villa to spot Deers and Rabbits. We found two deers and they were really fast. Maybe because they live in a reserve forest where survival is for the fittest. The spotted Deers of Ross Island, Andaman likes to pet and loves to be around human!

The fooling around continues. Deepa loves jumping shots so, even I gave it a try. Now, I think I should have worn at least some Kajal and lipgloss.
PC - Swanali.

While returning we found a truck loaded with grapes. Miss Energetic Deepa got on it so, even I wanted to ride. Bala Sir helped me get on the truck and the fooling around continues....

Back to villa and then breakfast. Then, I realized that its Monday! 
I have never been this happy on Monday...LOL
PC - Deepa

I took a nap after this breakfast so, missed being at the celler. I went there later but had wine tasting before that.

Lunch with paired wines followed wine tasting. The wine served with dessert is not even sold in the market. Only 4 barrels were made of this Chenin Blac Late Harvest were made. This wine has 35 gm sugar. This harvest was done in 2011 and they are already consumed by internal use.

I went to the celler after that. 
Surrounded by the wine filled oak barrels from France, 
I felt like being in some travel show.
PC - Malvika

Lazying around more around the pool side. 
What do you do when the wine barrels have been used for four cycles? 
Use then as counter tables or flower pots.

Ohhh the dinner. 
They had the freshest fruits, varity of cheese and barbeque. 
Plus, cello played for you. 
I cannot describe that feeling in words. You have to be there to enjoy it.

We got up early to leave the place. 
Bye Bye Baramati.

And another in cabin picture.

Keep Enjoying,

PS - In short, if you find that I am not posting in blog nor on FB and not even in Instagram for more than 72 hours then, do try to find my whereabouts because I might be either kidnapped or left the planet!

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