Cutest Gift Box | Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Tin Gift Box

Feb 4, 2014

Cute Skincare Gift Box Body Shop India

I still cannot believe that I finally own this. I wanted this from last year, but they were not launched in India. But then I got a mail from The Body Shop have launched them in India and still it was not available in India. 

Then this came to India but at last, the Ginger Sparkle Tin Box is here!

Body Shop Gingerbread man Tin Box

Body Shop Body Polish Shower Gel Soap Butter

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Tin box contains

Body Butter 50ml
Shower Gel 250ml
Body Polish 75ml
Heart Soap 25ml (really tiny!)

Here is the size comparison with the general size of the body shop products. The usual sized ones are all in 50% off now but luckily I didn't get them,

Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Tin Size Compare

Ginger Tin Box Size Compare

I have already reviewed the butter and the soap HERE.

And I am excited about the Body Polish (my first body polish from Body Shop) and the shower gel.

Body Shop Body Polish Ginger Sparkle

Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Gift Box

Price - Rs 2495 for four products with the tin box. I do think it is too much for this considering that the contents of the box are all at 50% now, but then it is okay for something I wanted badly for two years. I did the 10% for the membership card. 

Plus, it is my Birthday Month - I am allowed to be a bit crazy. No?

Ginger Sparkle Tin Gift Box India

Look how cute is it!

And the Ginger Sparkle sponges are also here. They were at 50% off shelf.

Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Sponge India

I found them at The Body Shop store at South City Mall. They have only 5 in stock so, hurry.Not sure which all stores still have them but the online store have already marked it as out of stock. 

Don't know WHEN it was in stock!

In short, if you NEED this...Hurry.

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