Effective Anti Acne Face Mask from Vedantika Review

Jan 7, 2014

There is a store near Forum Elgin Road called Rainbow Organics. I discovered this store last year. Being a person who puts ingredients list at the highest value, finding a store which sells organic products starting from essential oils to Ayurveda skincare to herbal teas to even chemical free floor cleaners, I was happy as a clam at high tide.

I have not used the floor cleaners silly (because I cannot bring them home from that far), but I have tried some essentials oils and face masks. In fact, the best sudden discovery of 2013 will be the Vedantika Anti-Acne Mask.

Sometime last year, I suddenly got pimples all over my face, and they were the burning ones. My skin was very sensitive as well. When I found the mask in a sachet, I decided to try because the risk of my money going to waste was less.

The mask did magic for me, and the pimples were gone in 2 days. I cannot thank Vedantika Anti Acne Mask much for what it does for me. From that, I always use this face mask whenever I see any signs of new acne on my face.

Effective Anti Acne Face Mask from Vedantika Review

How I Use: When I do not have much skin trouble, I mix a quarter of a teaspoon of this with rose water and apply a thin layer over my face and neck. For troubled skin, I use more. I keep dabbing water on it to make sure it does not dry on my skin and after 20-30 minutes, I remove the wet mask using by scrubbing the mask in very lightly in a circular motion.

A sachet of 10 gms lasts 5-7 usages on average and lasts almost a month. I recently for this 70 gm bottle which was always OOS in the store.

Ingredients List:  You guys might be thinking, never heard of this brand - God knows what's in there. But, unlike the BIG LUXURY Ayurveda companies, Vedantika takes the pain to list down all the ingredients. Most Ayurveda companies say 'Base QS' and not even informing what BASE? If you see here, they mention 'Fuller's Earth QS' (QS means Quantum satis saying the amount which is needed. Most companies use Base QS instead of naming all the ingredients. And the hidden ones are generally the cheap, harmful chemical ingredients that the companies do not want the customers to know to save their repute of being herbal/ayurvedic/natural to save on Tax amounts from Indian Government. Ta da!)

Ayurvedic for Anti Ance Pimple Face Mask India

Due to the presence of astringent and antiseptic ingredients like sandalwood, kaolin clay and fuller’s earth to the skin, the face pack is cooling and does not irritate even my sensitive acne prone skin.

Azadirachta Indica (Neem) and Curcuma Longa(turmeric) are the holy grail for better skin. Myristica Fragrans (Jaiphal/Nutmeg) removes pigmentation and gives clear skin. Ocimum tenuiflorum (tulsi), Pterocarpus Santalinus (red sandalwood) and Psoralea corylifolia (Bakuchi Seeds) are referred in Ayurveda many times for their efficiency.

Price: Rs 30 for 10 gms and Rs 175 (2.8 $) for 70 gms. 

Availability: Here is the only bitter thing about this product. I have seen it online at Flipkart but Flipkart does not sell it directly so, you have to buy products worth Rs 500 to get free shipping. 

Overall: Vedantika Anti Acne face masks worked on pimples, reduces marks and tightens skin. It does not irritate my sensitive skin. The thing is very cheap compared to the ingredients it has. Ayurveda has immense praises about the ingredients used. This is a therapeutic product at dirt cheap price. No doubt it is my holy grail and I make use it at least once in 3 days. The availability is an issue as they are mainly available online.

About Vedantika: And then I found more about them - Established in 1997, NCL Agro foods (Vedantika Herbals) is a group of researchers and scientist headed by Shri N. C. Limbasiya. Shri N. C. Limbasiya is doing research in natural foods, food preservation, food based supplements, herbs and its effects on the human body for the last 12 years. He has successfully developed 56 innovative products in this period   devoid of all possible chemical preservatives and synthetic colors. 

I also enjoyed their Amla candies. Next, I will try their soups and health drinks.

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