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Jan 14, 2014

If you have a bit of insomniac in you or born in 80s show, you detest TV shopping. The Tele ads in TV on unearthly hours always have non-synchronized dubbing with a blond lady having all the troubles on the planet until she discovers the product that they are about to sell. 

Right after the products are introduced, the lady have a chin to chin smile glued to her face to make sure that the aforesaid product is the panacea of all issues right from global warming to world peace

“Pehle mae udaas thi, mere jevan mein saab utal pulat tha, for mujhe mile TV ABC Shop ka Toing and ab mere jevan mein khushali hae. Mere parodisi ne bhi mejhe kahan – aap toh bada TOING hae!”

They look more like credit card shams. All summed up – BORING and UNRELIABLE!

Then How come HomeShop18 interested Me? To my good luck, I got a coupon to shop from them. And then, I started watching the channel. Here is what I noticed -
  • HomeShop18 does not showcases at shady unearthly hours but 24*7 so, shop when you are comfortable. Plus, their customer service is online 24*7. Call them whenever you need help.
  • The products shown are not out-of-the-world but something that any person will really need everyday starting from clothing to mobiles to accessories with a lot of the stuff exclusive to them. So, what you shop is actually of some use instead of the dishwasher-hair styler-sewing machine all rolled into one which you realize later is nothing more than an unusable thing eating up space in your storage.
  • There are Indian who are showcasing the products so, you know how they will suit on any Indian body/skin tone.
  • There are always some great offers going on. Always. Also, there is a deal of the day called BOSS which is shown everyday at 11AM to noon.

My Order over Phone: One afternoon, my mom discovered this phone which she really liked. She liked how the anchors detailed on each aspect of the product. 

So, the next day I called their customer service asking them about the phone. The lady over phone was really helpful. She listed me all that had to be done and then I followed the procedure. 

It was easily and took 5 minutes to complete the order. All I had to do was to I tell the sales executive about the product I needed, phone number, alternative phone number, address and email address (but email address is not mandatory according to the the customer service executive).

Updates and Shipping: Right after the order was placed, I got an SMS and email about the order. I got to know that it will take 7 days to deliver. On 26th December, I placed my order and got the email and SMS with product details, payment option and order number. On 28th December, I got another email and SMS informing the shipping details. And on 31st December, I got my phone. Happy New Year Indeed! On the same day, I also got a email with the attached invoice.

Packing: The phone was packed inside a bigger box which was slightly crushed. The phone was not bubble wrapped and there was no padding inside so, the phone box was moving around freely inside the bigger box. The phone box was compact so, all in all, the phone was in perfect condition.

Extra: With every purchase, they provide a Rs. 200/- off coupon for the next purchase which is a sweet thing.

Next time when your shopping hormones are going crazy, have a look at the HomeShop18 channel and you might actually buy something which you’ll use – apparels, jewelry, mobile, cookware, etc. 

Try to catch the ‘Deal of the Day’ at 11AM every day for the best deal of the day. But, worry not if you miss that because there is always some offer going on. ALWAYS!

Happy Shopping, 

Disclaimer: I was provided with a shopping voucher worth Rs 2500 to shop. The choice of product and review is my own. I have not received any monetary benefits to write this post.

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