NEW ~ Avon Naturals HERBAL Glowing Moisturizing Mask and Cream ~ First Look

Jan 28, 2014

Avon Naturals HERBAL Neem Cream Mask Review India

Recently, Avon launched 2 products in their Avon Naturals Herbals Range - Glowing Moisturizing Mask and Cream. This is too early to review but they have offers going on this month so, I just wanted to do a first look for the mask and cream.

What Avon Claims

NEEM the herbal miracle is known to have brightening, moisturising, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. This winter Avon launches Naturals Herbal cream and mask infused with Neem rich in anti-oxidants and essential vitamins for brighter moisturised skin from 1st use onwards!

Naturals Herbal Cream & Mask also has Linzhi, a rare mushroom that is used as a preventive measure and to strengthen body immunity. The herbal ingredients Neem and Linzhi will leave skin looking radiant, energized and rejuvenated. The cream & mask come with three beauty benefits:

  • Makes your skin glow
  • Renews your skin
  • Improves skin smoothness

You might be expecting a green color product because of Neem but both the mask and the cream are white in color.

Avon Naturals HERBAL Glowing Moisturizing Mask Review India

Avon Naturals HERBAL Glowing Moisturizing Mask

Words from Avon - The mask is enriched with Neem & Linzhi, which will replenish & lighten your skin tone. It effectively cleanses dirt, oil and other impurities, leaves skin fully hydrated making one’s skin supple! It rejuvenates your skin texture to make it look healthier and bright.

My Views - Avon Herbals Glowing Mask is a Kaolin and Xanthan Gum based mask...which means this works even for sensitive skin. It gives a cooling sensation. Even my sensitive red winter skin does not shouts when the mask touches it. Not all ingredients are great, it does have parabens but I am happy to see a mask with very less chemicals as compared to masks from high range companies. I think even a person without a lot of knowledge of chemistry will know that the ingredients are really good.

I have used the mask for 3-4 times now. I cannot comment much on the 'Glowing' part because 3-4 uses is too early to talk but my skin does feels refreshed after I wash it off. Its takes a long time to dry compared to 'clay' based masks. So, I do get a longer 'relax' time with this.

Avon Naturals HERBAL Glowing Moisturizing Mask Review India

Avon Naturals HERBAL Glowing Moisturizing Cream Review India

Avon Naturals HERBAL Glowing Moisturizing Cream

Words from Avon - The moisturizing cream is infused with Neem extracts that leave skin glowing, maintains skins optimal moisture balance and improves skin’s clarity.

My Views - Avon Naturals Herbals Glowing Moisturizing Cream smells very nice. The texture is not heavy but a tad oily which is absorbed easily

The ingredient list is not as great as the mask. It does have some commonly used not-so-natural ingredients because there are also some good things like Beeswax and other seed extracts.

Avon Naturals HERBAL Glowing Moisturizing Cream Review India

Avon Naturals HERBAL Glowing Moisturizing Mask Cream Review India

Price - Both Avon Naturals Herbal Glowing Moisturizing Mask and Cream Rs 249 for 50 g but only for January 2014 Rs 179 for 50 g. Do contact your nearest Avon representative.

Overall - For the price, both the products are great value for money and decent for use. I have not used for long to check on the benefits but I am happy that they does not irritate sensitive skin

The mask and cream are loaded with good ingredients which are tough to see in a product priced this low. 

The creams additionally have some not-very-natural products but those are the ones which are also used in very high end cream (Eg - Dimethicone is also present in Clinique Dramatically Different cream!)

Be Happy,

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