Trying New Skincare DIY : 2 Attempts of Lotion Bars and A Failed One.....

Jan 22, 2014

I spend a lot on skincare because good ingredients and nice smell is all I strive for. I was meaning to create my own skincare products - lotions and butters - but I could never get good ingredients. Also, there not much motivation to be precise.

But, after knowing that Lush is going to shut down, I need to speed up on my DIY projects.

I also discovered a great Ebay seller to source Beeswax, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter at affordable price.

So, I started with making these lotion bars which majorly contains beeswax mixed with shea butter, a bit of organic coconut oil and few drops of orange essential oil.

These turned out great but needed to be a bit more buttery.

So, I melted them and added more coconut oil.

Now, they are perfect but, I won't have mind a little more butterly texture. Maybe more oil next time.

Little Dinosaurs! Walking on Earth...

And a failed attempt....

I tried to make a lotion with Green Tea and Aloe Vera with Shea Butter. But, I could not blend them properly. I will use a electric blender next time for the same.

I still need to tweak my recipes to make them perfect. When they are at least somewhere near perfect, I will share with you so that you can make them as easily as possible.

I will share complete details of the seller soon.

Wish me luck for my future endeavors...


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