Hey Body Shop, These Are NOT the Ones I WANTED...

Jan 6, 2014

The Body Shop Snowman Christmas Shea Mango Butter Duo Gift Set India Store

I c-o-u-l-d ONLY get 2 out of the 13 things from my wishlist. And I was not trying to invest my 'monnies' in other things because I was more pressed on the Snowman and Ginger Bread Tin set from The Body Shop and also, the School House gift set. I have lost count on the times I have Whatsapped or called the SA inquiring about the tin sets.

(Finally, found the Ginger Bread Tin Set. Read more HERE)

And then on Saturday, I discovered THIS! These paper cut Snowman gifts that have 50 ml body butter and a lip butter. These are available in Shea and Mango variants and priced at Rs 995. This might be helpful for someone who have just started on Body Shop but someone who is neck deep in The Body Shop products, this is a Joke! Plus, I am not a fan of their lip butter.

The Body Shop Honeymania Range Collection India

Additionally, The Body Shop Honeymania range is now available in stores. And this time you do not have to run to the store because this a CORE collection replacing Sweet Lemon range. The body butter, shower gel, lip butter, EDT and sugar scrubs are available as of now. The hexagon soap with a bees imprint and the bath belt from Honeymania is missing for now.

I tried them at store and found the texture of Body Shop Honeymania thicker than most body butters, more like the Shea one but melts smoothly. The lip butter, EDT and shower gel are like the other scented variants.


PS: The one this from my wishlist is THIS and the other is....a tiny thing.

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