November Empties ~ I FiNiShEd What was First Reviewed in This Blog!

Dec 4, 2013

Beauty Blog Empties Post November India

So, here is that time of the month which goes on in cycle. The time of the month when I can be happy for how much I have used justifying the money I have spent on them and throw way the empty bottles to make space for new things. And then the cycle repeats. Were you thinking about something else BTW? Life is so much fun when you have a mind which thinks in its own crazy way.LOL

Innisfree Body Shop Everyuth Himalaya Vedantike Mask

Sachets – The last sachet from The Body Shop Sachets is over. 

I am yet to find the full size bottle of Vedantika Anti-Acne face pack so, I am still using the sachets. I loved the face pack and it does help in reducing pimples without leaving behind any marks. Maybe the Jaiphal in it does the magic. 

Palmer Skin Therapy Oil is another great products which I enjoyed using. Definitely repurchasing this. there is also an offer at  - free Olive Grow! 

After reading the posts on The Body Shop Sachets, one reader mailed me about the sachets that Himalaya and Everyuth made *Thank You Dear*. So, I tried the ones I could lay my hands on. The Himalaya Neem Face Pack was good but like other face pack sting when I applied. The feeling went away in few seconds. 

Using Everyuth reminds me of my college days when Everyuth was my most loved brand because of the Creamy Peach Face wash and the Walnut Scrub.

Empty Body Butter Tub Containers

Tubs of Moistuirizers – Finished two of my The Body Shop Body Butters – Coconut and Spiced Vanilla. Yes, it is a proof that my skin is seriously dry now. 

Another thing that made me very emotional was that Palmers Body Butter got over on 30th November. You might be thinking why get emotional over that girl! But, let me tell you that this is the first product that I reviewed in this blog. This is the very same tub that I reviewed as my first post for Sweet and Bitter Blog on 1st December 2011.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E
To know how I used to write and click 2 years back, read - First Review in Sweet And Bitter Blog

The Nature's Co Empty Containers Beauty Wish Box

The Nature’s Co Beauty Wish Products – As I suspected, The Nature’s Co Corn Exfoliating face mask was way better body scrub that a face mask scrub duo. Read all about the other products ~here~

maybelline color show crystal shine

The ONLY makeup – Maybelline Color Tattoo is the only makeup related product but then I finished while making the DIY case for tablet

Now, the recycling part - Th eRose miost will be used for carrying rose water while travelling. I have already thrown away the sachets and now wondering what to do with the empty tubs.

What would you have done? I am running out of ideas...

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