MERRY CHRISTMAS from Sweet And Bitter Blog!

Dec 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Dear!

I hope you are having wonderful time with your loved ones and family. I am sure you got loads of great gifts this year.

Sorry, I could not post anything. Today I wanted to show what I got myself for Christmas but I left my camera battery in the multiplex I went to watch a movie (In India, most multiplexes, deposit the camera battery to avoid piracy). I did opened my gift and used it as well. If I get up early tomorrow, I will click some photos of what I got for myself in the morning and post them after I come back from office.

I also got some nice things from Sephora, Bobbi Brown and Forever 21.

BTW, I watched Dhoom 3. Let me just put how much I liked the movie in this way - I liked the dreamy sequences shot of Uday Chopra because the ideas are very original. Period.

I also have a habit of scrutinizing every prop, every move, decor, lighting, etc when I watch a movie. I concentrate a lot while watching anything - let it be any stupid comedy movie. So, to lighten my mood at a point Mr Boy asked - "Which is the lipstick that Katrina is wearing?" At THAT moment, I stopped.

Happy Holidays,

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