LUSH Shutting Down its Stores in India? [PANIC MODE]

Dec 18, 2013

Now, this is one new that is really hard for me to tell. For the first time, I am expecting that what I say here is not true. I got to know that LUSH store is shutting down its operations in India around 10 days back! This came as a big shock to me - what will I do without LUSH Aqua Marina and Dark Angels? These two are just irreplaceable! 

It took me 2 days to absorb the news. I was told that the issue was something related to LUSH UK not supporting new franchise in India but I think the issue is something else. I wanted to post this the same day I got the new but I waited and did some research.

Here is what I found -

LUSH India Website Closed - A few months back, their website was taken down by hackers and they closed down their website. Since then, they have not worked on the website and it is not up yet.

No Update on Lush India Facebook and Now Deleted - I found that they made no update for a long time and then yesterday - BOOM - their page is now DELETED! There is a sister page or fake page with low activity but that is surely not directly under Lush India officials

No Update of Lush India on Twitter - The last update on Twitter is on 23rd Oct which was just a facebook post sync update.

No New Stock at Stores And No Christmas Specials - Till now there is no update on things they are bringing in as Christmas special. On top of it, most stores are having very little products and are not restocking anything

Stores Closing Down across India-  As I could not get what I needed, I asked my friends from two cities to search for the products. They went to the malls that had Lush stores just to find that the stores were GONE!

So, it is almost for sure that LUSH India is shutting down very very soon. If you are not into Bath and skincare then this post might mean nothing but there are people who depend on something from LUSH will be taken aback. I, for example, am not able to think how I will replace LUSH Dark Angels with another scrub!

If you also have a HG product from LUSH then please check if the product you like is still in any store store in your city. And while you are at it, do check if you can find the Dark Angels. I NEED them!

There is also an update that LUSH India might reopen after 6 months but that might be a small ineffective band-aid for the huge wound.


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