Innisfree Haul with Santa's Gifts!

Dec 31, 2013

You remember the post from Instagram about the Innifree haul? (here)

This is the second time I got products from Innisfree and even this time, I asked someone to shop for me! I am yet to visit the store so, it is really difficult to get things for a person like me who is much bothered about the ingredients. I decided to stick with the offers going on at that time. 

The offer going on that time was buy 6 and get 6 for Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack and Buy 7 and get 5 free for Sheet Mask (I think so..)

Wondering what these round things are? They are the Capsule Recipe Packs. I got all at least one of each  Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack variant. The Capsules are nothing but face packs having the consistency of conditioners, can be used twice on an average and priced at either 
. As I got them on offer, they were for Rs 50 each. And not all are for me. Shhhhh...

And Innisfree never fails to amaze you with the free gifts. I go some more samples of green tea serum, seed cream and sunscreen. The star of the lot is the little Santa tower housing square cotton pads..

woooo lovely lovely cotton pads!

I needed something from the Innisfree Camellia haircare range. Sadly, the sampoos are SLS based so, I had to skip on that. They had 3 more things - essence, mist and something else. I got all confused over phone and decided on this. The fancy names can really confuse you I tell yaa!!! Innisfree Camellia Shine Hair Essence is a hair serum which I am enjoying. I was surprised when I saw that it could even de-tangle my dirty hair easily without any hairfall! (Read complete review here)

I am yet to disappointed by their products. I cannot wait anymore to personally visit the store and choose things for myself. The SA was considerate enough to shove in a card containing all the products but I that is only for skincare and not other things. All I want is to visit Innisfree Delhi store.....

Read all about my previous haul here

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