A Perfume for Mature Tastes - Carolina Herrera Eau de Perfume Sublime [Review]

Dec 15, 2013

Carolina Herrera Eau de Perfume Sublime Review
Carolina Herrera Eau de Perfume Sublime [Review]

There is one side of festivals which I do not like - figuring out what you want exactly because there are some 'loved ones' who are hovering over your head forcing you tell them what you want and at that point....at exactly that point.... I am lost. I generally do not like surprises and quite hard to please because I have strict codes to buy things so, this load of deciding is actually self-induced. LOL.

This October, to get my 'Durga Puja gift' (God bless the million festivals and the gifting ritual), I went to Shopper Stop and decided on CH Eau de Parfum Sublime. I try not to buy perfumes in one go. I always let the perfume work on me for some time, see how it reacts and then buy. This time, I just picked it up because it was completely different from everything I have ever tried.

Carolina Herrera Eau de Perfume Sublime Review Price India

"The essence of the CH Eau de Parfum Sublime woman is based on a combination of sensuality and spontaneity.She is fun, cheerful and charming, charismatic but with a hint of mystery which makes here even more special, intriguing and irresistible. This perfume recreates the traits and qualities of the CH Eau de Parfum Sublime woman. A sophisticated, feminine, sensual, passionate woman with sense of humour.

CH Eau de Parfum Sublime is a modern fragrance which reflects modern femininity with a touch of the vintage. The freshness of the Bergamot, the head note, leads us to the most ingenious side of our woman, and her refined sense of humour. This is accompanied by Passion Flower, because of its sweet, oriental nature which represents a fascinating and unique person, unique with a personality which is out of the ordinary. At the heart of the perfume, the Rose, unique as a flower, conveying exquisiteness and natural beauty. The Orchid, a plant which often clings onto trees and climbs until it is out of sight, leads us to the enigmatic side of her personality. Everything is brought together with Patchouli and Leather which represent the most emotional, sensual and passionate side of the CH Eau de Parfum Sublime woman."


Top Note
Bergamote, Passion Flower

Middle Note
Rose, Orchid

Base Note
Patchouli and Leather

Carolina Herrera Eau de Perfume Sublime Review

The first thing you will notice is the cute packaging. The glass bottle has faux leather pasted on it and has blue stitching to make it look like the leather has been sewn on the bottle. A purple slanted bow with three layers of stitched canvas type cloth has the golden C and H dangling from the same. I take double care to make sure that the C and H do not fall off because the tester in the showroom was missing that. I am never ever putting this inside my handbag. Strictly OFF the travelling list!

Carolina Herrera Eau de Perfume Sublime Review

The golden cap has CH engraved on it. The bottom of the bottle has all the details. In case you are doubting the perfume is fake then always check the bottom. In general, the people making the fake perfumes are not able to copy this perfectly

Carolina Herrera Eau de Perfume Sublime Review

Smell - When I say its different, I really mean it. Generally, perfumes are of the fruity or floral or warm woody types but Carolina Herrera Sublime is fruity floral and woody packed into one. You get the warm smell with a hint of floral which gets more fruity and then woody part comes to picture. CH Sublime is truly a combination of sensuality and spontaneity. The perfume tries to capture all the traits of a woman but this is a bit complex for a teenager and more suitable for someone with a mature taste in perfume. This sophisticated perfume which is suited for mature women as there is nothing girly or sparkly going here.

Lasting Power - Initially, it used to last only an hour max. I do have have to clue why it used to just vanish off. In a week, the stay got longer and now it last till my work shift gets over. This is the first time that a perfume changed its longevity on my skin. So, you know why I am saying CH Sublime is complex and different.

Price - Rs 4050 for 50ml at Shoppers Stop

Overall - If you have developed taste in perfume and dare to try complex perfumes then try Carolina Herrera Eau de Perfume Sublime in the store once. Carolina Herrera Sublime is suitable for winter.

Keep Smiling,

PS: Cannot wait to get my Elie Saab Intense for Christmas! 

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