[Tutorial] DIY Tablet / Phone Case

Nov 25, 2013

If you ever get to see my internet search history then you will be shocked to see how much I search “Phone Covers”, “Kawaii Phone Case”, “Printed Design Tablet Case” in Ebay.com.

But, now I know somewhere deep down that they are not going to happen because they are very common and the unique ones do not ship to India. Recently, I got this I idea to paint my own using the kind of paints I am most comfortable with – Nail Polish.

1. Take any bold color case or cover.

2. Take a thick tape and line around the cover top to avoid spills. This will make the colors looks crisp because they will end in one line. Did I confused you? See the pic below. You can see that the colors finish in one line in a crisp way.

3. Choose your color palette – I took pink, light pink, fuchsia, neon pink, silver, grey and silver glitter. Start drawing horizontal lines with each color. Apply the next color even before the previous color has dried to get the transitioning effect.

As nail polish brushes, cannot pick that much color to go through the complete line smoothly, apply small paint bubble dots and then join them while running through the length to get a smoother look.

4. Break the sequence with greys and silver glitter nail polish. Complete and let it dry. If your want a smoother effect then apply a coat of transparent nail polish or top coat.

5. DONE!

An Ebay seller had some confusion with my order and instead of sending just the blue tablet cover, they sent me another one as well. But the free one is PINK so, I never took it to office. So, here I am making SURE that I never take it to office. LOL. Now, I am going to paint my everyday blue one as well.

I hope this gives you some idea to revamp your phone or tablet cover in some way. And yes, you can try markers as well.

Keep Smiling,

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