Shayoni's Christmas Wishlist for 2013

Nov 27, 2013

For me, Christmas is a big thing. I mean I am not even Christian. Hello!! Maybe the love for winters and color red, I am always really sentimental when it is Christmas. I am already excited from last couple of days. 

Also, Sweet And Bitter Blog will be 2 years old this weekend (Thank You Dear Reader!) 

Lot of things going inside me and so, to calm myself down, I made myself a wishlist. Ta da!

1. The Body Shop Shea Scrub & Soften Gift Set – Well it comes inside a snowman tin says all the reason I need this. This contains Shea Body Butter 200ml and Shea Body Butter 50ml. Plus, I love their Shea Butter range. Cannot wait to hold this baby.

2. Ginger Sparkle Shower, Scrub & Moisture Collection – Another irresistible tin gift shaped like Gingerbread Man. This contains Ginger Sparkle Shower Gel 250ml, Ginger Sparkle Body Butter 50ml, Ginger Sparkle Body Polish 75ml and Ginger Sparkle Mini Heart Soap 25g. They launched this last year as well but I could not find this so, got the Ginger Sparkle Body Butter and Ginger Sparkle Mini Heart Soap.

3. Google Nexus 5 – So, this baby IS now available in India. I am waiting for Flipkart to stock it. My present phone is good enough but I am tempted badly this time..I am gonna get this and make loads of covers like I did for my Tab here.
4. Red Black Tartan Plaid Pants – I saw something like that outside Max this weekend but could not find it in store. Duh! But, I did got something in Tweet. Now, I have to have a black red plaid pants which is preferably skinny otherwise might look like pajamas on me.

5. Studs Nail Art – Ohh I just want them for a long time. I simply don’t know what exactly is stopping me to buy these. Stupid Silly Me! These are from

6. Floral Backpacks – Aren't they cool? Lost count of the number of times I have checked them at The question “Do I REALLY need them?” kicks in and I fail to please myself with a proper answer. But I DO need them. What do you suggest?

7. MAC Ruby Woo – This is the most silly one. Every beauty blogger on this planet have Ruby Woo. Somehow I decided not to follow the crowd. And when I wanted to follow I decided to get RiRi Woo from the Rihanna collection because both are practically the same but RiRi Woo comes in a better package. Now, that I have lost hope that RiRi Woo will ever come to India so, lets just settle with Ruby Woo.

8. Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau de Parfum Intense – I tried this at a store 2 weeks back and every now and then I want to go back to the store get this. Its ultra sensual, high silage, lasts long, natural and warm. What’s not to love? (Edit: Got it! Here is the review.)

9. Moustache Watch – I am going to blame Shayantani for posting it on Instagram. I loved her watch. This is the closest I could get online at Maybe I will search a bit more before landing on this one. (Edit: Found watermelon)

So, here is my confusion filled Christmas Wishlist. Now, I need one help from YOU. I am planning a giveaway for Sweet and Bitter Blog's Second Anniversary. I need you to tell me what you will like to win? All suggestions for giveaway are welcome....

Keep Smiling,

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