Is The Nature's Co Beauty Wish Beauty Box Worth It? [Mini Reviews] [1st Box]

Nov 6, 2013

I planned on doing a mini review before it is time for the next subscription for The Nature’s Co Beauty Box to help people decide.

But, I got it on 29th Oct (late..coming to that later in this post) and so, I could use it for a week to give you a brief about the products in the box.

The Nature’s Co Beauty Wish Beauty Box

The Nature’s Co Beauty Wish Beauty Box

The Beauty Box by The Nature’s Co is a customized box. The box itself is a beautiful strong cardboard box which can be used to store jewelry or nick-nacks. The Beauty Wish box contains 6 main products with 2 bonus products. The box contains a letter addressed to the subscriber with complete details on how to use the products.

October 2013 was the ‘Wedding Edition’ of the box. They added some sandal potpourri which made the box smell great. They also added a 10% off voucher for Sia Jewelry, a 10 minutes spa session at their store and a 35% offer coupon for some selected products.

The size of the samples are commendable. Each has enough content to help you decide on them. But the package does not have any indication of the amount.

Mini Review of the 8 Samples

The Nature's Co Rosemary-Hibiscus Hair Mask For All Skin Types (Foressence)

The Nature's Co Rosemary-Hibiscus Hair Mask For All Skin Types (Foressence)

The quantity is perfect. I used it up in one go. And sadly, I did the one thing which you should never do when you apply hair pack – let it dry on your hair! I forgot to put on a shower cap and hence, it dried quickly and so, it was bit difficult to take it off. But, my hair still felt soft and fluffy after use. This added bit of bounce as well. Wish I had not let it go dry for better effects.

The Nature's Co Chocolate Mint Lip Balm Review

 The Nature's Co Chocolate Mint Lip Balm

This is like cocoa lip balm but with mild smell like Palmer’s Body Butter – not the artificial nauseating headache inducing cocoa smell which most brands have! My nose could not find any trace of mint in this. The balm is good for normal use and act as a protector against cold and chapped lips. No healing power.

The Nature's Co Chocolate Mint Lip Balm Review

 The Nature's Co Mixed Fruit Cleansing Cream For All Skin Types Review

 The Nature's Co Mixed Fruit Cleansing Cream For All Skin Types

When I was in college, I had a bad experience with milky cleanser which forbids me from using them for eye makeup/kajal removal. So, I used this only for my cheeks and forehead. I applied it on my skin directly, massaged my skin lightly and took it off using a cotton pad. I was surprised to see how much dirt it pulled off from my face. I washed off the remains with water. I have not tested this for foundation/makeup so far. I loved the fact that this did not sting me or irritated my skin. My sensitive skin approved this!

The Nature's Co Corn Exfoliating Face Pack For All Sin Types Review

The Nature's Co Corn Exfoliating Face Pack For All Sin Types

This came in a tub container with a protective lid. I was not able to open it. I found this very dry and harsh. It gives a strong tingling sensation to my skin on nose and around. I tried to tolerate for 5-6 seconds but as it continued, I washed it off. I applied it only on cheek, chin and forehead. My skin felt parched when I took it off. I didn't have the patience to scrub it after all this. I think this will turn out to be a good body scrub. Need to try it that way.

The Nature's Co Rose Hydrating Facial Mist For All Skin Types Review

The Nature's Co Rose Hydrating Facial Mist For All Skin Types

This is very refreshing. The spray comes out in fine mist form. I finished this already after repeated use. The refreshing rosy feel was really addictive! I am surely reusing the bottle.

The Nature's Co Water Lily Body Scrub For Dry Skin

  The Nature's Co Water Lily Body Scrub For Dry Skin

I saw ‘White Lily’, got excited and ignored that this is actually for body! I used a bit for my face and I liked it. Good scrubbing beads, not very abrasive in a creamy base which didn’t irritate or gave any tingling sensation. My face felt squeaky clean after use this but didn’t felt dry. Also, this is great as body scrub. I am amazed by this. Love Love Love.

The Nature's Co Jasmine Body Lotion Review

The Nature's Co Jasmine Body Lotion

I loved the smell. This might be strong for super sensitive nose. The smell does not last. Good summer moisturizer but not strong for winters. My body is dry and used to thick body butters. I might get this for summer next year. You might like this if you do not have very dry skin which needs to be bathed in moisturizer to survive…

The Nature's Co Walnut-Mint Foot Scrub (Earthborne)

Foot – It has a minty smell which I personally like for foot scrubs. I used it up till my knees and hence, finish it in one use. I have some doubts that this has sand in it.

Overall View on the Choice of Products

The Nature’s Co Beauty Wish October Wedding Special Beauty Box was a great way to try some products of The Nature’s Co. I loved the selection of products – 8 products for different body parts. A well balanced Beauty Box at a price which justifies it. I got use 8 products and some discount vouchers for just Rs 595. If you have never tried The Nature’s Co products and wish to try them before spending big bucks or if you just want to pamper yourself with a box full of goodies then do subscribe for their November box.

Overall View on the Subscription and Shipping

I subscribed for the Beauty Wish box at The Nature’s Co store at South City, Kolkata. They handed me a questionnaire involving my beauty woes and my current beauty products. The SAs were friendly and they helped me fill the 2 page form (or 3 pages?).

Subscription Option available

Monthly Subscription – Rs. 595/-
Quarterly Subscription – Rs. 1645/- Save Rs. 140/-
Half Annual Subscription – Rs. 3215/- Save Rs. 355/-
Annual Subscription – Rs. 5950/- Save Rs. 1190/-

I got a mail on 22nd Oct that it has been shipped on 21st Oct. There was not update at the courier website till Friday (25th Oct), so, I begin to feel that maybe they shipped it to store. I went to the store on Saturday evening and the SA assured that she will call headquarter on Monday as the office was close for the day. She even called me on Monday to confirm if I was yet to get the box. This was really sweet of her. Finally, on 29th Oct I got my box.

I loved the box but strongly felt that they could have used a better shipping service. Like a good girl, I messaged my opinion to their FB page. They replied me back that they had to tie up with this courier service because not everyone was ready to take liquid product for shipping. They had to choose a service which transits by road. As this was shipped by road, it took time.

They made sure to pack the whole box inside another carton box which was sealed properly.

Is The Nature's Co Beauty Wish Beauty Box Worth it?

Yes. For Rs 595, you are getting 8 products, a 35% offer coupon, a 10% off voucher and a 10 minute spa offer at their store.

They started shipping earlier as they could only ship by road to make sure that we get it before the month ends. I know some people might have got it November so, I think they might have to ship earlier for some locations.

Remember - You have to subscribe before 10th of each month to get the box in the same month

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