Gradient Nail Art Using Lakme Kiwi Martini and Lakme Color Crush 02

Nov 7, 2013

Messy desk encourages creative mind for sure. I saw these two colors lying together while organizing and I realized that I am yet to talk about these in blog. [Well there are lot of products that are yet to see the face of this blog but what can I do? I hardly get time these days to blog and when I get some time to breathe, I am really tired...]

So, I picked the two colors and used the un-used sponge from Anne French kit to do the shading. 

Lakme Absolute Nail Tint Kiwi Martini is the base color. 

I have reached out to this color a lot after I got this when I found a great Lakme SA. This is green toned pastel mint with glossy finish. Needs 2-3 coats for the perfect finish. This is great in quality and lasts long without any chipping or fading.

Price - Rs 250

Lakme Color Crush Truewear 02 is my version of Superman Blue! Haha. I got this last year with 2 more from the range but then I was trying to swatch this - I broke my camera!! Ooppss. I used the blue as the darker color in the shading nail art.

Price - Rs 150

Hope you liked this...

Keep Smiling,


PS: Just one more day to weekend!!!

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