Happiness is Something Unexpected

Oct 30, 2013

Happiness is Something Unexpected

The Memorable Perfume - Boy was in town and I got my package (Huge one!) containing Innisfree products (coming up soon!). While taking out the products, I found ‘Marry Me’ (This is not any proposal!). I have finished mine and wanted to repurchase. He remembered this and got me another one! Just to surprise me. This is one of my most loved perfumes. You can read the review here.

The Fuss About Nail Paint - L'Oreal introduced ‘Color Riche Nail Top Coat Confetti' with black and white glitter. I asked many Ebay sellers but no one was willing to ship to India. I waited that to come to India and L’oreal launched collections after collections but Confetti was missing.

And on Saturday, I discovered ‘Fuzzy Coat’ by Sally Hansen sitting pretty on the store. I had no idea about it and I just grabbed it. Purchase of the week!! Right now, on my toes and finger nails.

The Ring at Billing Counter - I am not at all a ring person but this one talked to me when I went to Forever New. Price Rs 500. Hmmm..okay...its not that I buy rings everyday. Took it to billing counter just to discover – 40% off! Now you can imagine my ear to ear smile.

The Author of Books – I am practically dead in Twitter. Most of my tweets are the syncs that happen with my FB id. Now, I was that dead in Twitter and I even forgot that I have the syncs on. I wanted to purchase Ravi Subramanian’s book. Then I found some confusion on trilogy. I generally approach Swarnali for these issues but then she was offline and hence I this happened ...

And then out of the blue – I got a Tweet – it was none other than the Author Ravi Subramanian himself! So, this happened...

And finally I got this today...quite event-full no?

Now, let me decide which one to read first.....you can help me as well...*wink*

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