The Body Shop Mask And Scrubs in Sachets ( Seaweed Iconic Clay Mask, Tea Tree Mask, Vitamin C Microdermabrasion) Review

Oct 26, 2013

To our good luck, The Body Shop India runs great offers these days. I am not saying the unbelievable 50% offs on all store items like I see for US stores but leastways there are offs like 20% on 4 products or 30% on 2 or more bath products etc.

I wanted to repurchase my Rainforest shampoo and to avail the 20% off, I got these as well.

Frankly, I was thinking they were sheet masks but when I came back home, I realized that these are trial sachets of face packs and scrubs! Whom was I trying to fool to get more discounts?

So, I now have

Seaweed Iconic Clay Mask (Mint Blue),
Tea Tree Face Mask (Green),
Vitamin C Microdermabration (Tangerine) (Scrub)

The Body Shop product Sachets

The sachets have easy guides on them to easy open and storage. Once you open them, you can store them and reuse. The sachets are shaped in such a way that the mask/scrub come out from just one point. It is easy to use.

Each sachet is priced at Rs. 150 for 6ml.

Each sachets last for at least 3 usage and the Seaweed one is good for 5 usages because it is thick and I had to dilute it. This is a real good way to try the mask on yourself before going ahead and spending on something that might or might not be liked by your skin.

For me, I got to try products from the three lines of The Body Shop which I have never tried so far - Vitamin C for Dull Skin, Tea Tree for Blemishes and Seaweed for Combination and Oily Skin.

The Body Shop Seaweed Iconic Clay Mask (Grey),
Vitamin C Microdermabration (White with Micro Ganules),Tea Tree Face Mask (Green)

The Body Shop Seaweed Iconic Clay Mask 

When The Body Shop says it is for Combination/Oily skin, they are dead serious about it! This clay mask takes off oil like a child's play. 

If your face is anything less that a oil dripping tanker then stay far but if you have oily skin which can put gas stations to shame then this is God sent for you. When I used it for the first time, I found this really hard and super fast drying. So, from next time, I just used half of the amount I needed and diluted it with water. 

The Body Shop Seaweed Iconic Clay has surely helped in removing all oil and impurities from skin. This one works well for oily skin and make my skin oil free, radiant and supple after each use and the effect could be seen even on the next day.

The full product is priced at Rs. 1195 for 100 ml and come in a tub. I have finished this one. Considering that this can be diluted, I think the full size will last ages. I am thinking of getting this one.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

When I made my first visit to The Body Shop 3 years back, this was on my top of my head. The SA then told me this is for really really dull skin and so, introduced to me to Vitamin E. And this is a scrub suited for REALLY Dull skin. The base is not very creamy but has enough oil in it and the granules are micro sized but extremely abrasive. Hard to believe that the almost invisible granules are that powerful. If you want a heavy duty exfoliation then go ahead and get this. 

Sensitive skin might not find this comfortable and Oily Skin will also not be happy because it leaves behind oil after washing off. So, my sensitive and oily skin was neither happy during exfoliation nor after. I think I still have one more usage left...

You have Dry and Dull skin which needs to look awake and happy? Try this. I am giving my stamp of approval for this one.

The full product is priced at Rs. 1395 for 75 ml and comes in a tube.

Tea Tree Face Mask 

Green and tingling feeling. Got over in 3 usage. Good consistency so, no need to thin it down as it spreads easily. This is all I have to describe The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask. Three usage is very less to claim on the blemish healing abilities. So, that all I can say for now.

I have finished this as well and I am not repurchasing it ATM. Maybe next summer, I will give it a thought because it has cooling effect.

The Body Shop Seaweed Iconic Clay Masks is what that made me very happy. Hello Soft and Supple Skin...

Did you liked the idea of The Body Shop sharing thier products in Sachets? This is great for travel as well. no? Have you tried any other The Body Shop masks or scrubs which you just love? 

Next time, you want to grab something for The Body Shop and want to avail the buy-more-get-more-discounts then grab one of these mask sachets if you are out of options in the store.


PS: I still wish that they were sheet masks! LOL

PPS: The Body Shop India is now selling their products online and have free shipping over Rs 2000. Otherwise, they are charging Rs 200.  

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