Blue Monday | New Skincare and Haircare Products (Herbal/Natural)

Oct 21, 2013

Few hours back I received this package from and discovered that the products received on Monday are Blue....ahhhh..Poetic justice....

Which are the Blue Products?

I got the trusted Sally Hansen Remover. I have tried the Pink variant (Sally Hansen Strengthening Polish Remover) before and this time got the Blue variant (Sally Hansen Fast acting Polish Remover with Vitamin E and Chamomile / Salon Formula Safe for Sensitive and Artificial Nails).

And after months of pain, I might ....repeat able to finish the NYX Green Tea Cleansing Oil. It is a real pain to use the product (read here why) but as it is works so, I cannot throw it out (bloggers ethics!). Displaying the empty bottle of the cleanser in my empties post will be a real achievement for sure. I wanted to go back to my trusted Maybelline one but then L'oreal one have the same formula at a bigger size.

The Image I posted in Facebook.

What is new in Skincare and Haircare?

Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

I realized nothing can be better than a good champi (oil mask for intense moisturization) that coconut oil as hair can easily absorbs coconut oil because of the fatty acids structure of coconut oil. Sadly, every so-called-coconut oil-from-market I use gives me itchy scalp. This made me do some research and I was horrified to know that none of the oils in market have more than 20% oil originating from the fruit! They all are mixed with mineral oil to make them lighter and cheaper. I was using the coconut-vanilla-sugary fragrances Coconut Oil from The Body Shop but then decided to use something else.

I am searching for the edible grade here but till then I found organic Oil from ‘Khanidge’ which is GMP, USDA and every other required certification certified at price of mere Rs. 42 for100 ml. But last Sunday, went a wee bit crazy and splurged on the Kama Ayurvedic one. Actually, I wanted the Rose water which I later decided that I can make my own – fall in love with the website and then could not escape without buying anything. 

Online Experience at Kama Ayurveda? Long (Kinda) Ugly Story....

Soulflower Argan Oil and Rose Hip Oil 

Every haircare product now just says one thing – “Buy me! I am Good because I have Argan Oil * ding ding ding*”

Dude! Why not get pure Argan Oil? And so, I got mine from Soulflower. There was a discount there but I think I know why. The oil smells real weird like it has gone bad.

The online experience with Soulflower this time was not as a-walk-on-bed-of-roses like my last time. Speaking of rose, I also got Rose Hip Oil. Shake it Baby!!

Just Herbs Facial Cleanser

I read the wonderful review from Awungshi about how Just Herbs Silksplash is her HG cleanser and I got inspired to get one (Read her review). It does not lists any ugly chemicals in its Ingredients list but the ingredients list is not complete either. It says – Cleansing Base! But, it also says it is 100% Herbal Actives. Anyhow, I like this. Thanks Awungshi.

Just Herbs Shampoo

I also got the Shampoo (Just Herbs 8 in 1 Root Nourishing Amla Neem Shampoo) from them (remember my SLS free Shampoo Hunt Marathon?). I poured a quarter of the bottle out into another container to keep in bathroom as this does not have any stopper/dropper etc. 

Well, in simple words, this one just brought back my hair fall days back (real bad case now!) in just 4 washes! I am sure this is not SLS free – again mentions ‘Cleaning base’ in the ingredients list! 

Wondering why I am not using the all glorious Meghdoot Shampoo? Because it is out of stock everywhere! So, back to The Body Shop Rainforest these days. How I wish my scalp was as forgiving as my skin...

Aloevera Gel and Face Pack

If you have sensitive skin, you have to keep Aloe gel with you always. As I figured out that every brand just give a tiny bit of actual aloe gel in an artificial gel base, I get any one that my eyes lands on first. This (Cosmo Herbal Aloevera Facial Gel) was suggested by one the SA at my neighborhood shop. I think should plant an Aloevera soon. Nothing is like the real thing. And I thought of trying the face mask as well – no fuss, budget Kaolin face mask.

That's all for now. I might show you some more exciting products soon. Keeping my fingers crossed that they reach me soon.

Have you started updating your skincare and hair care for the new season?

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