What Do You Feel About Paired Watches?

Sep 15, 2013

Mr. Boy’s 3 year old watch popped out a healthy and beautiful baby girl and I happily adopted her.

Okay, I agree. Nothing like that happened. Mr. Boy suddenly discovered the pair of his own watch and then he had to gift it to be because I gifted him his watch. Why? Because F*ck logic.

I have never ever liked pair watches. In Indian weddings, the bride’s parent make it a point to gift a pair watch to the newlyweds. Why? Because F*ck logic.

I find paired watches unnecessary public display of affection. Maybe it’s just me who thinks so because I personally do not even like holding hands while walking! Not that I have problem with who do that because I find that cute. Why is this differentiation? Because F*ck logic.

After I got this today morning (Mr.Boy was in town today for just 8 hours to meet me. At morning 6 he called to say that he is town. Surprise. Surprise), I was not sure how to act. All of a sudden I get the logic now! The Suddenly-I-See moment. As he lives 1500 KMs away from me, I cannot wear this as pair. But I need some change. Everyone is bored seeing me with my Fossil Rose Gold watch.

This watch is pretty basic and classic design. Both are silver analog watches. The red and yellow tints are because of the over lights at Caramelle. (Read the post to discover a cute cafe)

This is my side. Now, I want you to say what do you feel about paired watches? Love them? Cannot stand them?

Love All,

PS: We went to Science City after Caramelle. Why? Because....if you cannot guess by now then re-read the post *wink*

PPS: In anyone is interested - Female Watch Link. BTW what is new for ladies/unisex watches this year?

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