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Sep 28, 2013

There are many beauty companies which provide free goodies or discounts if you give them back the some empty packages. This is a great way to recycle – another step to save our planet. There aren’t many companies in India which offer this facility. Here are the ones I am aware of:

LUSH : Lush have a policy of giving you a free face masks if you return them 5 of their tubs or tubes. I just discovered that I successfully having my five tubs of Lush. I started using Lush products a little over a year ago and I am happy with them. Let’s see which mask I end up getting. Or, I might just get the trusted Cupcake face mask.

MAC: Mac has a Back To MAC policy. You can pick any lipstick from their permanent range when return six M·A·C primary packaging containers. Just image getting Ruby Woo free of cost! You can choose any lipstick expect those from Viva glam as the profit from those goes to charity. I believe it will be easier to collect 5 packages of makeup removers and brush cleansers rather than lipsticks and foundation.

The Nature’s Co : they have Eco Barrel: Pro-Green Initiative as part of their customer engagement initiative. If you bring them 2 used containers then you get can discount of 5% and for 3 and more used containers you can avail 10% discount. This is pretty much easy to avail!

Kiehl's  - They have Recycle and Be Rewarded scheme. Give them back your empty packages to get free products. I have seen the barrel thing in their shop but I am not able to get info on exactly how it works in India in their website. I called the store but they are closed on Weekends and Bank holidays. I will call them soon to know how it works in India. BTW, now you can buy Kiehl's over phone from their website (in India) if you can transfer the bill amount online.

Here is how it works in Kiehl's in US:

1. Patrons will receive a Recycle and Be Rewarded! card in any Kiehl’s free-standing store, and will be encouraged to be eco-conscious and return empty Kiehl’s bottles and tubes to any Kiehl’s free-standing store.

2. The Recycle and Be Rewarded! card will be stamped in-store, each time a Kiehl’s empty is returned for recycling.

3. Upon returning his or her 3rd empty and receiving his or her 3rd stamp, each Kiehl’s patron will receive a complimentary tube of Lip Balm #1.

4. Upon returning his or her 5th empty and receiving his or her 5th stamp, each Kiehl’s patron may choose an item from the Official Kiehl’s Travel Collection.

5. Upon returning his or her 10th empty and receiving his or her 10th stamp, each Kiehl’s patron may choose any single product with a value of $25 or less, excluding Flagship Exclusive Items or charitable products.

6. After the Recycle and Be Rewarded! card has been filled, each patron will receive a fresh card for ongoing recycling.

In India - 

2 Empties = 1 Deluxe Sample
6 Empties = 1 Lip Balm
10 Empties = 1 Full Size products 

Also, if I get to know about another brands which extend such offers, I will update it here. Also, if there is a update on dos-and-don'ts of these policies then I will update this post. And if the companies are not taking the products back then you can always recycle on your own. Just Google and you will be happy to know how well you can recycle and use your empty packages or boxes. You might be interested to read the drawer storage made out of beauty boxes.

If you are aware of any other company then please share in comments below.

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