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Sep 6, 2013

I have found the best SA in town! Hip Hip Hurrey!! 

Before, I say more about her, here is what I got 
  • Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick in Pink Collar. Cute name, no? I wanted something peach and ended up with Pink because the options in non-shimmer formulas were limited.
  • Lakme Royal Nails in Blue Sapphire and Emerald Desire for INR 250 each. This is part of the ne Royal Collection by Lakme launched at the Lakme Fashion Week.
  • Lakme Nail Tint in Kiwi Martini for INR 250. Will be shown in a nail art using the Bourjois Easy Art Kit.
  • Lakme Color Crush – 19 and 29 for INR 150 each. 
  • Peach Makeup Bag for Free.

Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick in Pink Collar

Lakme Royal Nails in Blue Sapphire and Emerald Desire

Free Makeup Bag from Lakme

*** How I Found 'Her' ***

Chapter 1 - The Lakme SAs (in general)

Lakme is a brand which I have ignored most of the time. Why? The SAs are extremely pushy or have very funny notions which I find extremely difficult to deal with. Also, I have heard too many rumors about their lipsticks.

Recently, they are launching at least one new product every month! I had to try something. Then, why not the rosy mettalic tubes of 9 to 5 lipsticks? I skipped the Matte and Cheeky Glow from Maybelline to try Lakme.

I checked most stores but the SAs were too pushy (bad habits die hard, eh?)–

Me - “Show me something with no shimmer” She swatched a frosty lipstick on the back of my hand and says – “See! No shimmer. Only GLOW! You must buy this because you are fair.” One eyebow goes up.

At another counter – Me - “You have any peachy or coral colors?” She takes out a brown.

Me - “I said Peach”

With full confidence in herself and sadness for my ignorance - “This is PEACH!

So, before I lost my patience, I walked out to find a intelligent one in town.

Chapter 2 - Discovery of the Best SA

And then I found her - The SA of my dream. The one who never pushes you, the one who don’t force you to try frosty shade and most importantly - the one who knows what is Peach!

She politely showed me the lipsticks. I choose one and I was very much pleased with her behaviour so, asked for more. She showed me nail paints. I took 3 – 2 from the Royal Nails and 1 from the previous Nail Tint collection. I took 2 more while she was settling the bill.

Chapter 3- Stories of Love
And the biggest reason why I loved her – A simple girl came and asked her about Iconic Eyes from Lakme. SA told about them. Girl asked about the stay and SA told her about that. The SA could have pushed her to buy the costly Absolute Kohls but she didn’t! So, I asked the confused girl if she had tried it. The SA said very politely if she will be interested in a higher range product. The girl said no and was still confused.

Girl asked me this time, “why are they so tough to remove?” At this point the SA could have forced the girl to take the bi-phase remover but instead she suggested to use baby oil! You get my point here right? Non-pushy!

Chapter 4 - Asking Guys to Get Girl Products (not related to the theme much but nice to know)

While the SA was writing my bill a guy approached the counter – A sweet one who look lost at a cosmetic counter pointed at the eyeliner and said “Do you mix products and sell?” 


I interrupted – “She can put together products of your choice”

Guy continues - “So, nothing that comes in a box. Maybe those? (Pointing at the wash-scrub-mask tubes)”

SA - “Yes, you can buy them separately.”

“Okay...but she told me to buy a combo...Everything in one...something”

“I think you should call the person”

Guys calls and the girl at the other end says – “CC”.

The SA denied the availability but also told him to try his luck at the other counter of the same mall! You see – Guiding and Helpful! Another SA might have told him to come back in some days etc but she guided this guy.

(At this moment, I felt how difficult it is when Mr.Boy buys things for me from Delhi when the they are OOS here in Kolkata. Tch Tch Tch.)

Chapter 5 – Where is She?

Doesn’t see sounds God sent? Meanwhile, there were 2 more girls and one guy who were just too much and talking things that I do not want to discuss here. The SA dealt with them her all her calmness.

Before leaving, I said – "Please do not mind, I have to say thing. Lakme SAs are bad. Forces you to buy a lighter foundation, pushes to buy products that one is not interested in or show wrong products. People can just go on and on about how bad they can be. But, you are sweet. You are the BEST

Just because of her, I am going to buy more and more from Lakme. Pakka.

I can almost compare her with the girl at Maybelline counter at NewU CSM Mall (Noida). I do not know if the girl I am talking about is still there.

But, I can say who is next-to-Angel-SA is – She is the one at the Lakme counter at Shopper Stop, Forum Elgin, Kolkata. I could not ask her name because she could have found a little bit crazy. Next time I will make sure to ask. If you are in Kolkata and filled with horror experiences with the SAs here then, visit her.

Chapter 6 – Say PEEEEEEACH

While leaving she asked me which color makeup bag I want (the freebie) and I had to say....obviously .. with a smile on my face.........Peach.

Keep Peachy,

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