Maybelline Brings Color Show in India for Just 75 INR...Sayyyy Whaaaaa...

Sep 26, 2013

I....Miss Shayoni.....never....even in my wackiest dream...thought that Maybelline will bring in Color Show in India. Because Maybelline already have the great Colorama range of nail polish ( For Your Info - I love them and own more than 15 of those ) and also because Maybelline have great variety of products which are never laucnhed in India. If you do not believe me then open the Maybelline Malaysia website and you will be in tears for not having that many products within your reach!

And the best part - total 40 color - at only 75 INR! When every nail polish is charging anything above 100 for good color quality, this is hard to resist.

Now, let's wait for October when these will be in store. So, Wake Me Up When September Ends...

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