First Look at Bourjois Paris Easy Nail Art Kit for Spring Summer 2013

Sep 4, 2013

Bourjois Paris always surprises me with their products every single time. This time I was much pleased to discover them because I was not even aware of these! The SA just half-heartedly showed me these when I asked if there were any new products. And I as like - Yes Yes Yes!!!!

Price – 605 INR. Let’s assume that each cost 200 INR. 5 INR extra for the tutorial on the back. *wink*

 The Nail Art Kit is for Spring Summer 2013. The Kit contains one Silver Striping Tape, 92 Stikers and 30 Stencils.

 I wanted to use Silver Stripping Tape but was lazy enough to order and then I saw these. Bamn!

The 92 Stickers are Flying Birds Cat Heads, Stars and Bows.

 The stencils do not look much helpful but I have to use them to see. The stencils are for lines, triangles and star.

I tried using one sticker yesterday on Maybelline Coral Chic. The stickers are sturdy and I am not using any top coat. Let’s see if this last till weekend. Then, I will do a better nail art using all three things. 

I am really happy that I discovered these. Do nail art - easy and fast. The 92 stickers and the tape will last for many days.

You can buy these from in case you do not have a Bourjois Paris store nearby.

Love Everybody,

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