Being Sulphate Free (Part 1) | Cheap and Effective SLS Free Shampoo In India

Sep 20, 2013

I have been going SLS free for shampoo for over 2.5 years. Sulfate shampoos irritated my scalp either from the first use or within a month of use, resulting into troubled scalp which gave way to hair fall. If you are not aware how much good what SLS free routine can do for you then I suggest that you please read this post. I listed down the SLS free shampoos available in India in the same post in February of this year.

I have been using The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo for a long time. I really like it. As one Sweet And Bitter Blog’s reader Rachna Daga once defined the smell as ‘honeyed floral coconut smell’. I will love to use this for the rest of my life. 

I tried IHT9 Natural Hair Loss Therapy but my nose did not agree with the smell. I could very hardly use it once. I found this drying but just one use does not make me eligible to judge this product. Then was the turn of Rustic Art Herbal Shampoo. This is thicker than the other two. Again found this to be drying for my hair. They also have a Aloe Shampoo which might suit my hair. Also, the product is tough to find just like IHT9 Natural Hair Loss Therapy. I got mine from

I was already losing hope and I didn't want to lose. Soulflower Sandalwood Germanium Shampoo bar was up next. I grated it and mixed with water to make it like liquid shampoo. I was very happy with the result because it seemed to glide off my hair. There was not cleansing happening for sure. For some reason I decided to mix part glycerin with water and there wasn't much improvement in action.

My hair was not receiving the TLC it deserved so, I thought of giving a pause to the experiments with my hair and going back to The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo until my hair is under control again. So, I have not used the Soulflower Let Your Hair Down so far.

Last month, I discovered Meghdoot Herbal Sat. Some of you might not be aware of them so, here is something about the company – “Incepted in the year 1985, Meghdoot Gram Udyod Sewa Sansthan has been serving the society through its premium quality range of herbal and other natural products. The ultimate aim with which the company was established was to produce products made of Ayurvedic Butis like Himalayan drugs, etc. in the most hygienic way possible. Today, we are acknowledged as a well known manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Herbal Products, Herbal Medicines, Heath Food Items, Health Tonics, Mauri Products, Hair Care Products, Skin Care Products, Beauty Care Products, etc.”

Meghdoot have two shampoos variants – this one with yellow cap is the herbal one and another one with red cap that has sulfates. I got the herbal one and I am using it for a month now. The bottle says that you need to dilute this with water. Frankly this is the thickest shampoo. I have used it by diluting and later I started using it directly on wet hair.

After a month of use – No dry frizzy hair, no itchy scalp, no hair fall, my hair feels lighter and interesting part and I have not idea how – my hair is straighter now! Maybe it is because the frizz is less.

Best part about this Meghdoot Herbal Shampoo – This is priced at 42 INR for 150 ml. This has a powdery Sandalwood smell which is mild. This is available at most Khadi and Handloom stores in India.

I will still explore more and more - Thanks to the lovely mails and messages with suggestions that I get from people who was also on a SLS free journey.

For example, Shikha Chandra recently commented – 

Hey shayoni, 

I was in the same position as u, only that I colored my hair to the point that I burnt it! I have been usin Sls free shampoo or as they call it the 'no poo' shampoo for almost 10months and the results have been amazing! I also used tbs rainforest shampoo/conditioner but wasn't very happy until I came across 'the Moroccan oil' shampoo/conditioner And wow! You'll only knw how amazing it is after u use it... It's slightly on the expensive side like Rs.1500 for a bottle but I have found it worth it!

So, now, I am willing to try Moroccan Oil products but I am yet to discovered a store which retails them. 

Also, 6 months back, Ankita from Corallista commented – 

I'm using the Organic Surge Color protect shampoo and conditioner since about 3 weeks. Love it! Doesn't give that silky smooth feeling I got from Sunsilk Keratinology but at least the hair fall and dandruff is much in control! I don't feel like switching to regular shampoos now!

So, Organic Surge which was also there in the first list is what I have to try.

I will use Meghdoot Herbal Shampoo for 2 months more and see how it acts. After that, I will rethink on which one to purchase.

Thanks to everyone who are with me and thanks to everyone who are thinking of going SLS free. Again, I am not forcing anyone to do anything. My point here is simple – Haircare products different on everybody. Because a minor step helped me a lot, I just want to share with you in case it helps you as well. 

Keep Smiling and Love Everyone.


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