Ups and Downs of Revlon Cosmic Moon Candy Nail Art

Aug 17, 2013

There is one song for each girl which turns her on instantly. For me it’s Toxic. I know it’s funny but I loved the song, specially the video.

There is also one nail polish that I discover every time I visit the mall. This came home with me when I discovered the huge load of things launched by Revlon. I purchased this and Silhouette.

Revlon Cosmic Moon Candy Nail Art 

Revlon Cosmic Moon Candy Nail Art 
Yellow Flakies
Revlon Cosmic Moon Candy Nail Art Swatch Review
A dark sensuous green topped with fun gold yellow foils/leaves to ride into a comic journey 

The green is something that I have nothing to compare with in my vanity. So, undoubtedly I liked it. My dream of owning a flakies (tempted by Inglot but they priced it at 490 INR) finally came true. But this is much chunkier and the gel base is very thick to work with. The base dries quickly but the flakies takes its own time. Plus, the texture is not even/smooth.

I wore them for a week and I didn't see any chipping or fading around the tips – long lasting. Thumbs Up.

Price – 300 INR

In the end, I am in a love and hate relation. I cannot bluntly saw that do not buy this because its different and I want you to try it but because the flakies do not come out as smooth as they were supposed to, it end up in a sad story. But, there is also a top coat for your rescue. And it looks gorgeous with top coat.

While Silhouette is every day turning out to be my best friend, Cosmic never had smooth days with me. And by smooth, I really meant smooth.

Did you liked the clouds in the back drop? Well curse them if you can because they are the reason I am not able to click pictures these days for the blog. It is raining every weekend for months now....


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