OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sands Swatches With A EBay Horror Story

Aug 1, 2013

I always had perfect blue glitter nail paint in mind. Always and forever. The ones I encounter has shimmer (not glitter) or leans more toward ink blue or light blue. When I saw the swatches of Get Your Number of OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sands collection, I shouted – This-Is-IT!

I could not wait (eternally) for it to come to India. My search started for a EBay seller brave enough to send nail polish to India and I found one. I a few days I had a pack of four. I though it better to get four colors than one! So, here are the swatches of the 3 colors. What happen to the 4th one? I will tell you a horror story by the end of this post.

The texture is quite rough on the top. With top coat it looks great.

Get Your Number was the one which tempted me to get the order. This dries to a matte base with multi-size blue and holographic silver glitter. I had to wear 4 coats here.

OPI Get Your Number

OPI Get Your Number

Stay The Night is black matte base bright pink glitter. The back is quite opaque. Only 2 coats are enough for a good coverage. I loved this one.

OPI Stay The Night

OPI Stay The Night

Can’t Let Go is a purple with purple hex glitter with purple micro-glitter.

OPI Can’t Let Go

OPI Can’t Let Go

Horror Story – I have them from 13th March, but I could not review or swatch these because the box I received was broken. The seller has send them to India with mere one layer of air cushion which could not support the pack completely. One of the color was broken. And not only that – Its stained all the other nail polish bottles. It was like a Crime Scene in here.

I mailed the EBay seller informing this and they told me to send me pictures. I send them and they promised to send a replacement. I cannot use these on blog as I am getting a replacement and this one looks to scary to put on blog!

Days become Nights and my wait continued.

I started mailing the EBay seller on 12th April (month gap) and they said they will look into it. I started to threaten them and still no replies. On May 13th, they said thats it with customs!! I asked them about the tracking number so that I could check but they denied it. Every EBay seller had always provided me the tracking number but not this one. The time frame had exceeded 90 days, so, I could not even leave a negative feedback. Imagine my plight now!

Finally on 14th July, I decided to swatch them. I bathed the bottles in polish remover to remove the blood and to make them look presentable.

So, on the gloomy Monsoon day of 1st August (is this year on Meth? It’s August already!!!), I decided to show you....... the crime scene......

Sorry if I grossed you with the heinous images of the box. They were worser. I cleaned the a lot before taking the images.

Liked the colors? 

Has something as horrible as this happened with you? Do share.


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