Meanwhile At Instagram Vol 3

Aug 16, 2013

Hope you enjoyed your Independence Day Holiday. It was raining cats and dogs in here so, I could not plan anything. I could not even click pictures for upcoming post – worst thing about monsoons. We decorated our workplace with few of these and few of that. The final result was impressive.

The red satchel for office use which I got for just 1100 INR. Cool no? Its real good and tough. This is stuffed with gadgets and makeup but does not contain a single pen or paper. And I call it office bag! Yes, you can laugh at me at this moment.

I went to Dakshinapan last week. The complex have many Handloom stores. My main intention was to get pure Sandal Wood Powder but I discovered this SLS free shampoo at the price of peanuts…ohh wait…its cheaper than peanuts. And I love it. I also got few kurta etc from Khadi Gram Udhyog. They were my perfect XS fit. Someone (not the super friendly SA) commented– It seem it was made ONLY for you.

I went to watch Chennai Express along with few of my colleagues who were either SRK fan or nothing else to do - first show of premier show. It was too much for me. Thank God that it was company sponsored! I think you have watched this movie by now. Also, I would like you to meet this amazing Vigil Idiot guy. I am his big fan. You can see his work on Chennai Express in Mumbai Boss. Every time I watch a movie, I just wait for his view and wait how many matched my thoughts. Frankly, I found many more than him this time. Winner. Yo!

If you have read what's in my makeup bag, you will know that I use a mixture of Lush Let the Good Times Roll and Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion. This time I tried Cetaphil with Lush Dark Angels – bad idea. The LDA destroyed the stability of CCL (sounding like IPL teams) and there was a mini explosion when I tried to take them out. So, I am using Burt's Bee Orange Cleanser. Now, every day I want to eat orange – at least Minute Maid Orange as the fresh ones are out of season.

My haul post here. The EBay bags contain the cover for my Samsung Tab. The seller by mistake sent me two – of different colors. The tab is lucky – first a good charming owner (I know…enough of self-praise) and then 2 attires. I called the seller because I cannot keep something like that but they were not interested to get it back. Hallelujah.

At the moment, I am addicted to the salt and tamarind of Puchkas (Golgappa/Panipuri) and need them sharp 7 PM every day. I am trying to get this habit of eating fruits in place of evening snacks. Today I had Apples and Jabong.

Keep Smiling. Enjoy your weekend...

I am planning to watch Conjuring but I do not have anyone daring enough to give me company...*sad face* *missign Mr. Boy*


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