Keep Swimming in Mint Sea (Nail Art)

Aug 30, 2013

This is a very simple and easy to do nail art. This was my first nail art that I did back in early 2011. I did it on Colorbar Orange Mimosa. I got lot of motivation from my friends after that and my journey continued. I did this again after 2.5 years! On my favorite color – Mint.

The internet was flooded by Mint Nail Art when the talented 13 years old earned her wings after her 7 years of battle. I did posted a mint nail art for Talia at Instagram that time but didn't posted it on blog. I did this recently and decided to dedicate this to her.

Mint mani for the last Instagram post by Talia and the white lines to represent the waves – Just Keep Swimming.

This is what I posted in Instagram. I did a similar one here with tutorial.


And here is the original one. I am not able to find the better clicks.

TGIF. Now, go and enjoy some Ice Cream. You totally deserve this!

PS - The Mint ice cream was not refreshingly mint yummy but more of toothpaste mint. Arghhh..

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