July Empties

Aug 2, 2013

It that time of the month. The time I do the Empties Post. 
This is my third month of doing empties post. Its feels great...seriously! 

I though of finishing a lot of samples this month but I still have a lot of samples to finish. LOL

Here is what I finished this month - 

1. St Ives Apricot Cleanser Invigorating – Everyone loves St Ives. I luckily got this different variant which is very very mild. I used it with coffee many times. I will buy if I get the same variant again.

2. Lotus Safe Sun 3 in 1 Sun Block – Already have the backup. Using this for 8 years I guess.

3. The Body Shop Coconut Hair Oil – Louuuubhed the smell!! It feels like being in coconut cookie factory. This lasted for a year so, the price 695 INR for 250ml is justified.

4. Kara Refresh Wipes – I am showing it here just to share that this is the best Kara wipes ever! I have repurchased this.

5. Vaseline Healthy Nail & Nail Conditioning – My favorite. Reviewed here with 4 other hand creams.

6. Nyassa Belgian chocolate Sugar Scrub – Came with my Vellvette Box. Finally was able to finish it. I am going to buy the TBS Chocomania body scrub now.

7. Samples
  • Kiehls Olive Fruit Oil Conditioner- Not much impressed
  • L'Occitane En Province – The Reparing Gloss smells great but didn't work for me. The Repairing Conditioner and Soothing Shampoo is good. Not moved by the Soothing Concentrated Mask because it felt runny for me.
  • VLCC Sweat Free SPF 40 Sun Block Lotion – "Ohh Hello!! Liar!" I used this twice – on my arms- got so damn oily – wipes off 15 minutes! 

8. Enliven Mango and Passionfruit Conditioner – Silicon free, gentle, smells great, cheap. Full Marks! I am repurchasing it.

9. Cetaphil Cleaning Lotion – My favorite non-foaming cleanser. Review here.

10. Enliven Coconut & Vanilla and Raspberry & Red Apple – Reviewed them yesterday here.

11. Garnier Gentle Soap Free Face Wash – Loved it. I am using the bigger size now. Check review to know how happy am I to get it.....for free. (Review link)

12. Lacto Calamine Oil Control – I recently purchased both the versions. I loved this one much. Getting the bigger pack now.

13. Colorbar Top Coat
– Good. But, I have access to Rimmel and Sally Hansen. So, not repurchasing this.

14. Niju Green Tea Essence Mask – I have this for a year. A YEAR. And I used it this month. I am having mixed feeling about this one. I am buying more face sheets for sure.

15. Dabur Vatika Fairness Face Pack – I used to use it when I was school, when I never have enough time to get Sandal Wood Powder. I got it free with Dabur Rose Water. Felt nostalgic every time I used it.


Next Month’s Theme? I am not sure. I have finished a lot of products and now have few things left. I might shop a lot this month. I won’t be able to finish the new ones in a month. So, let’s see what I finish in August.

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