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Aug 12, 2013

When Mr.Boy started his first job back in 2008, he asked me want I wanted. I was still in my final year of studies and just go to know about online shopping. Someone wrapping up new things for you and sending them to your door steps – Enchanting! So, I requested that I will buy 3 books from Flipkart. So by now, I buying from Flipkart since 2008. I have seen that baby growing...


Not long ago introduced the beauty section and frankly the way the service is going down at most online beauty stores, I had my hopes high on them. 

Unfortunately, nothing was tempting me until I saw Playboy Play It Sexy (PPIS). (This little thing was on my wish list for 2 years now. I even used this in the Shoppers Stop contest. So, I wanted to buy it from Shoppers Stop but I could never find this. They only had the Deo combo which is of no use for me. )

PPIS was on a whooping off at 487 INR  instead of 695 INR. I purchased it. The next day, the price went up. *sighs*

Now, because the price of the perfume is less than 500 INR (the minimum for free shipping), I had to get another thing. I found a tube of Baby Cream at 38 and sealed the deal.

The next day I tracked my order only to find that they were sending it from 2 different locations! I mean you have the minimum price for maximizing your profits. If you are sending it from different location then doesn't that defeat the purpose?

Anyways, I got two packages – One Fragile and Another one in simple box.

Let’s see the ‘Fragile’ one

Big Bubble Wrapping….

But hey….baby cream in this?

*Hastily opens the other box*

*Finds the perfume in single simple bubble wrap. Faints*

And the perfume box doesn't even have the support thing that is present inside perfume boxes!

I loved the Fragile idea. The thick bubble wrapping used can save anything from any situation. Feels great that someone cares for you. But, one guy packing the order or the person marking fragile or the system was not doing its job. LOL. 

I am happy to see that the little bunny survived. Rest all is immaterial... 

This little bunny and I are going to have great stories together...


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