Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple & Coconut and Vanilla Shower Gel Review

Aug 1, 2013

You know the feeling when you want to buy something online but the price is a tiny bit less that the amount to be eligible for free shipping. (Even yesterday, I thought of buying a perfume and it it was freaking INR 13 less than the free shipping amount.) Is this God’s way of saying do not buy or buy more? I always go with buy more option. So, a year back, I purchased these Enliven Shower Gels just to be eligible for free shipping from an online store. 

Enliven Raspberry and Red Apple smells more of raspberry than apples. I loved the fruity smell of this one. Raspberry is the new strawberry!

I kept on comparing Enliven Coconut and Vanilla with Palmolive Coconut Shower gel. This smells of coconut candy but not as heavenly as Palmolive one.

Price – 60 INR for 100ml (Purchased at 54 INR)

They do not dry skin, lather too much, have SLS and the smell lasts for an hour max. This is what you get to get intense cleansing with a good smell. I have used them for the before and after shower at swimming pools. (The coconut smells funny when it got mixed with the Chlorine smell.)

They are surely not of great quality and are not repurchase material.

I might try the Mango and Passion fruit variant. I just used the Enliven Conditioner in that variety and it smells great and lasts long too.

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